‘Canada’s Thought Police’ (2013)

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Sew enough of this schiff and you’ll be sure to reap it, too.

Canada’s ahead of us in wiping out civil liberties, but now that our FBI has been transformed into the Democrat goon squad, we’re catching up fast.

As for “diversity”–live by the sword, die by the sword. As this rabbi in York found out.

Canada’s Thought Police

He was happy to help the Thought Police stifle anyone who Thought The Wrong Thing or Said The Wrong Thing…

And then, suddenly, it was his turn to be silenced!

They always think they’re gonna be the ones tying the gags, don’t they?

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  1. The GOP Leadership in the House is promising America they won’t be Democrats. What a bunch of wusses – tell us you are going after the Left with the vigor they are coming after Trump and us.

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