‘Morning Has Broken’

I don’t know about you, but the beauty of this hymn brings me near to tears every time I hear it–Morning Has Broken, sung here by Orla Fallon.

When God finished His work, he called it very good.

Somewhere in each and every one of us there is a longing for that Creation as it was.

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  1. Wonderful hymn, beautifully sung. In 1971 Cat Stevens sang this song. He converted to islam in 1977. Now, I can’t hear this song without “hearing” his voice singing it. And for some reason, I just can’t listen to it.

    1. The Byrds 1965 song, Turn! Turn! Turn! I still really like. Some may not like the drums and guitars used in this song, but to me, I do not get a feeling of disrespect as they sing the words from the Book of Ecclesiastes chapter three. Their rendition is not “heavy metal” nor over the top, so it seems fine to me.

      W. Goldberg’s choir’s disrespectful rendition of Joyful, Joyful in Sister Act, did not destroy my love for that hymn.

      I did not know until today, that “Morning Has Broken” was a hymn (where have I been), until I read all the lyrics on the screen.

      I have now thought about what you wrote, I will see if I can do so, so I can listen with joy to the superb and wonderful words of that hymn.

      Thanks, brother Lee.

    2. I first heard it from Cat Stevens–and you know you miss lyrics when you hear it on the car radio–and was surprised, many years later, to find it was a hymn.

      I liked Cat Stevens’ music, but when he went over to Islam, I kept the hymn and didn’t bother with him anymore.

  2. I always loved Morning Has Broken since I first heard it from Cat Stevens. I’m glad a lot of other people sing it, including at my church.

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