‘The Scope of Healing’ (Martin Selbrede)

Martin Selbrede | heroinamerica

Why can’t our civilization solve its biggest problems?

Because we’re always “abandoning the world to humanism” and respond with disbelief to Biblical solutions, says Martin Selbrede.


Because we’re all hung up on merely personal holiness, and merely physical healing, we “barricade our hearts behind a wall of theological excuses” and fail to seek healing on God’s terms–terms that apply to the healing of nations and even to the healing of the earth itself. If only we could spend enough money! If only we could develop more powerful technology! If only government had more authority!

The money gets spent, technology advances, we grow the government–and the problems remain… often growing worse because our humanist solutions don’t work.

This is a fairly long essay, but stick with it–plenty of food for thought!

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  1. Excellent article! Thought-provoking. I sent it to my brother in Nevada, who likes to ponder.

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