They’re Still Teaching ‘Critical Race Theory’

No, we don’t like it!

The Maryland State Education Assn. (MSEA), a state teachers’ union that’s part of the National Education Assn. and has 75,000 members, has offered grants of $1,000 each to teachers who continue to teach “Critical Race Theory”–the doctrine that all white people are born racists and all non-whites born victims (

But because almost everybody in America detests CRT, they’re giving it new names. “Restorative justice” heads the list. And then there’s the Biden administration’s $468 million “community schools” program, chock-full of euphemisms for Far Left race-baiting.

Many teachers have left the union rather than engage in campaigns to foment racial animosity; and parents have staged protests, too, despite the Biden Justice Dept. branding them “domestic terrorists” and ordering the FBI to spy on local school board meetings.

Teachers’ unions are solidly locked in to CRT and rather than give it up, they simply invent new names for it. Obviously they think the American people are way too stupid to see through that.

They’re not going to stop. They’re not going to change. And so we are forced to say again: the only meaningful way to oppose this is for parents to remove their children from the public schools and wrest them out of the hands of the teachers’ unions. There is no reason to believe that anything else will work.

We won’t be able to save our country if we don’t do this.

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  1. You are so right, Lee. Christians and patriots need to pull their children out of the gov’t schools. It is amazing to me how many Christians associate sending their kids to public school with being patriotic. The teachers’ unions did the same way with Common Core – just changed the name and tweaked it a little. The U.N. version was every school in the world would teach the same thing on the same day.

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