Small Town Pushes Back

What the cities can’t do, maybe our small towns can!

[Thanks to Jeri Lynn for the news tip]

(I am so tired today! Weather’s turned rotten, that must be it.)

Can “teachers” and librarians hand out to children any old smut they please… and be immune from the prosecution that would ensue if you did it?

The state of Kansas says yes.

But the town of Edwardsville, KS, pop. 4,800, says no (

Kansas has a Uniform Public Offenses Code to serve as a model for towns and villages who want to make amendments to their respective governments. Many states have such codes. And in Kansas’ code, teachers and librarians can distribute sexually-charged materials to very young children–with no fear of prosecution.

The mayor and council of Edwardsville rejected that provision. There are many compelling reasons for not habituating children to pornography. Everybody knows that except “educators” at teachers’ colleges, unionized teachers, pedophiles, and Far Left morons. Oh–and “TV personalities,” too. Get your 8-year-olds jazzed up for sex!

But they won’t let you do that in Edwardsville.

The Lord Our God does not despise the day of small things, and neither should we. Rejoice! We owe the mayor and council of Edwardsville our gratitude.

May their example inspire others to do the same.

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  1. Children are naturally curious, and exposing them to explicit materials at an early age is likely to lead to some children being negatively affected. When I was a child, such materials tended to be found only in certain parts of larger cities, and most children never got anywhere near such materials. I can’t imagine that such things would be considered as part of grade school education.

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