‘Today’s National Nitwit’ (2017)

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Michael Moore… Is he still here?

So Michael Moore, with a carbon footprint as big as his gut, warns us that “The Planet” is gonna take control and wipe out the human race for… well, for not listening to him.

Today’s National Nitwit

One thing our current age abounds in–false gods. More of them than you can shake a stick at. Maybe I should have a contest: “How Many of Today’s False Gods Can You Name?” Winner gets an onion.

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  1. I’m still running late on everything I need to do, so I won’t have time to list the myriad false gods being worshiped in America today. (I suspect I may have a few godlets clamoring for my own attention much of the time. A fervent “Our Father” prayer helps hold them at bay.)

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