‘Gaudete’ (‘Rejoice!’)

I usually save this for Christmas–Gaudete (“Rejoice”), a medieval carol performed by the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, and the London Cello Orchestra–but has this fallen world ever needed Christ the Savior more than it needs Him now? “Rejoice, for Christ is born of Mary!”

That was the only “reset” that mattered.

‘Gaudete’ (with Maddy Prior)

I couldn’t resist this a capella rendition of the hymn, Gaudete, by Steeleye Span with Maddy Prior–wow! This really is making a joyful noise unto the Lord.


This little intro is taking forever to type–the mouse spits out gibberish, I have to delete it and try again.

Gaudete, a medieval hymn performed by the London Cello Orchestra and the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge–I usually reserve it for Christmas-time: but we could all use some pumping-up, can’t we?

Pea-Brained Anti-Christs

666 Mark of the Beasts Stalin, Mao, Hitler & Socialism | Daniel Ruth News -  He is exposed & defeated (again!)

I posted this nice medieval hymn this morning, Gaudete: “Rejoice, for Jesus Christ is born of Mary.” But I didn’t post the comments that came with it.

This one in particular: “All that burning and boiling people alive just for thinking freely–it makes me sick!”

Religious wars perpetrated by Christians, mostly against other Christians, were indeed a monstrous sin. But they’ve kind of gone out of fashion since the 1600s, and it’d probably be pretty hard to get one started up today. Like, we don’t do that anymore. And it never, never, never had anything to do with Jesus Christ or His teachings in the first place!

But just to set the record straight–Dude, move to China and try to do some “thinking freely” over there, and see what happens to you. See if your ignorance will protect you there.

In the 20th century alone, more people were murdered by their own socialist governments (“Nazi” is short for “National Socialist”; you could look it up) than were killed by all the world’s religions in all the preceding centuries put together. We don’t have an exact count, but demographers and historians are sure it’s more than 100 million–all done to death by Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Castro, Pol Pot–and in peacetime, no less.

There are many people still alive who saw it. But there’s no one left over from the Thirty Years War.

Europe’s religious wars of the 16th-17th centuries were sins against God, against His holy catholic church, and against the human race. You can blame them on bad Christians, but not on Jesus Christ or anything He said or did. We repent, and pray such things never happen again.

But when was the last time you heard a communist repent?


No one got around to entering this carol in the carol contest: a medieval Christmas carol, Gaudete–whose lyrics tell us, in Latin, to rejoice, for Jesus Christ is born of Mary.

Performed by the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, and the London Cello Orchestra.

For Christmas, 2019: ‘Gaudete’

About now we should be settling down to Christmas dinner with my brother and sister. While we do that, here’s another carol for you.

Gaudete, sung by the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, with the London Cello Orchestra–“Gaudete, Christus est natus ex Maria.” In English: “Rejoice! Christ is born of Mary.”

Yes, I think we can rejoice in those glad tidings!


Consider this a warm-up toss, heading toward Christmas–Gaudete, performed by Maddy Prior with Steeleye Span.

This hymn was first published in the 16th century. The Latin means “Rejoice! Christ is born of the Virgin Mary.”

‘Gaudete’ (in July!)

Yes, I know this is a Christmas hymn, and I know it’s July; but when I hymn comes barreling into my head over supper, I take that as a sign that I ought to use it.

Gaudete means “rejoice”–rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior, Jesus Christ our king. And there is no day in all the year when it’s wrong to do so.

A Little More Christmas Music: ‘Gaudete’

The lyrics are in Latin, but all you really need to know is that it means “Rejoice! Christ is born!”

Sung by the Mediaeval Baebes–you might want to turn up the volume on this one.

We’re still taking requests for Christmas hymns, so don’t be shy.

‘Gaudete’ (“Rejoice, Christ Is Born”)

No Christmas  carol requests this morning, so let me see if I can start the ball rolling. So far, What Child Is This? leads the contest with 22 views, the day it was posted.

I am not eligible to win my own contest, so I hereby submit Gaudete, a medieval carol performed by the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, and the London Cello Orchestra. And drums! Turn up the volume on this one.