‘Lawsuit Seeks to Abolish Bible-Reading in Church’ (2015)

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I run this post every now and then as a way of charting our country’s progress toward failure. Back in 2015 it was an over-the-top satire. Now…?

Lawsuit Seeks to Abolish Bible-Reading in Church

It seems in Oregon you can’t get life-saving treatment for breast cancer unless your mind is right about Transgender. If you ain’t for it, they think you don’t deserve to life. “They” being the state’s medical authorities.

We knew it would go this far.

And now the question is, How much farther?

8 comments on “‘Lawsuit Seeks to Abolish Bible-Reading in Church’ (2015)

  1. Well, again this proves that we are on a suicide mission. How much longer the Lord will tolerate all this blatant sin? Can’t be much longer.

    1. Having lived in New Jersey all my life, I think I’m right to say that although we have MORE leftids here than can be found in the Red states, the great majority of the people are normal. We are governed by a ruthless Left minority funded to the gills by the teachers’ unions.

  2. I don’t think this is satire any more. It may have already taken place, or something else just as absurd.

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