‘The New Tower of Babel’ (Newswithviews, Aug. 17)

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“Grovel to your betters, plebs!”

God confounded human language to stop the construction of the Tower of Babel and to keep worse things from happening.

Today it’s our ruling sinners who confound the language… to ensure that worse things happen. 

The New Tower of Babel

“Gee, they must be smart! We can’t understand ’em when they talk!”

They dumb us down in school and college, groom us for our role as useful idiots to the Democrat Party, and only remember us around election-time. Or if they need to whip up a riot for some reason. Any reason.

We are governed by people who despise us and who intend to do us harm. George Washington called the force of government “a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

We need to get those Constitutional Checks and Balances back into shape.

No Makin Fun of Hillery!!

That guy who dose this blogg he is so stopid, he gone out and left this hear link ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3324857/Not-laughing-matter-Hillary-Clinton-campaign-demands-comedy-club-takes-video-mocking-owner-claims.html ).

Can yiu beleave it??? Lookit thos dirty comedients makin fun of Hillery and teling jolks about her, and this dum guy Lee he was going to complane becose thay thretened the comedy club and tole the onwer they put him out of busness if he dont get rid of this vidio with the Hillery jolks. And they also want him to give the comedients home phone number so they can cal them up and say You think yu’re so funny, huh, wy dont you go to yuor windowe and take a look at yuor car? Ha-ha, that culd be yuo next!!

If you was a interllectural like me, if you was in collidge like me, yiu wuld unterstand that Freedem does not never! meane yuo can mak fun of Hillery Clintin. Yiu can mak fun of christins and repulbicans but it is onely hat speech if you mak fun of Hillery becose she is a wimmim! And she also a Pragrestive, and yiu just wate till shes Presdint, you all going to whind up in jale! Yo cant never make no fun of any Minorites! Its a cryme!!

Som of yous been askin abuot the exspearmint to give me femail cromasoames, exept they been injection me with these moth hormoans and i dont think im turning into a wimmin, all it dose is mak me eat sox and things like that. I had a felt hat for breakfist this moning. But as long as i is in the exspearmint they let me stay hear in collidge and work on my Gender Studies degre. So I guss i wil stay in the exspearmint!

Oh-oh he is comin bakk, so I gotta go! See yous somtime soone!

Politrical Correctness is Good for You

That other guy isnt here right now and I come to do his blog because he was in collidge so long ago, he has forgot how to be a interllectural. And my prefesser he says you stopid uneducatted peple out there better stop complaning about politrical correctness becuse it is good for you and yuo are too dumm to aprechate it.

Like take the Confrederet Flag for instants. Everbody who wants to see it is a racist bigot sexist homo-phob who hates imniggrents. It was the Germen’s flag in the War of 1812 when the Black Panters abollished slavry and the nazis they tride to suceed from the Union. I learnt all that in hi school.

You dumm peple who arnet in collidge, you dont understan what politrical correctness does and why we got to have it or else there be Global Warming! My prefesser he explanes it perfickly clear. If we dont let nobody say anything bad, then nothing bad will hapen. So we are tryin to take all the bad out of the world, and these here conserfitiffs they want to stop us becase they are for all the bad things and a lot of them are ingnorent Christins.

So if you cant see the Confrederet Flag, then you cant think any Confrederet thoughts. See how simple that is?? I dont see why you dumm peple dont just shut up and let us interllecturals do whats best for you. My prefesser he says this wont never end until everybody and every one is Gay, and all of us here at the collidge we cant wait to see that hapen, so there!!!

There Isn’t No Truth Eccept Interllectural Truth

Ha-ha, that other guy had to go someplace, so I can take over his stopid blog. Yes it’s me… er, whatsisname. Shoot, that was great weed I smoked last night.

I been in collidge 5 years now and in two more years or maybe 3 I will have my batchelers degree in Gender Studies, so I know most of you who reading this aint as well educatted as I am. You got to have collidge before he can be a interllectural, and only us interllecturals understand stuff.

Thats why you folks who is not interllecturals should ougt to believe us interllecturals when we tell you whats what, bcecase wer smarter than you.

Like, my prefesser, he says the reason the economy sucks is beccuse of the real hard cold winter we just had. It aint becosse of Presdint ***Obama*** screwin up. That is what you shuld believe beckaws my prefesser says so and he is a interlecturel.

He also says last year was the warmist year ever bar none, hotest year ever and you shold beleve him bechaze he is a interlectural and yuour not.

And also Bruce Jinner relly is a woman now and if you say no Katelin is still a man becouse of cromosoames or somthing you are just a hater an full of homophobia and you wait an see. All the Interllecturals say he is a woman now.

We learnt in collidge that everything a intelectoral says is true an you better beleve it. Becasse someday we just not goin to let you think stuff that isnt what stuff you shoud think. Just see if we dont.