Judge Blocks Vaccine Mandate, Nationwide

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A federal judge in Louisiana has blocked the Biden administration’s COVID vaccine “mandate” nationwide–after a federal judge in Missouri, earlier this week, blocked it in ten states (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/breaking-federal-judge-blocks-vaccine-mandate-nationwide-protects-health-care-workers-across-america/).

A quote from Judge Terry Doughty says it all: “If human nature and history teach anything, it is that civil liberties face grave risks when governments proclaim an indefinite state of emergency.”

Carve it in stone and hang it over the door of every courthouse building!

May I suggest a Constitutional amendment forbidding the federal government from ever imposing any kind of “mandate” for any kind of reason? Like, if you can’t get it passed as a law, you’re not allowed to do it?

Governments the world over need a smackdown.

And I think that would have to start here, in America.

(Question! If these vaccines are so good and so safe, why are so many health care professionals refusing to take them? Try getting that one asked on NPR.)

‘We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore’ (2016)

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Five years ago, this was–the first small twitchings against tyrannical minorities who have seized control of our whole cotton-pickin’ country, just about, and were rubbing our faces in it. And yet here was proof that we were stronger than they–proof that we don’t have to let them bully us.

We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore!

Now, finally, at long last, regular decent people are getting way sick and tired of the whole “woke” movement–tired of being doxed, being silenced, being called racists, being blamed for everything that ever went wrong in any lefty loser’s stupid life–and are not not just twitching anymore, but standing up to fight it.

We don’t have to submit to Critical Race Theory, transgender horse-schiff, Green New Deal, CNN, and any and all of the rest! And let’s not stop with just ignoring it. Uproot it altogether, and cast it into the fire.

R.J. Rushdoony, ‘Religious Liberty’

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(This important essay on the roots of religious liberty, by R.J. Rushdoony, first appeared in 1991 in Roots of Reconstruction.)

This piece is a little long, but well worth reading and considering. It traces the origin of American religious liberty to Martin Luther and the Reformation: when Elector Frederick the Wise of Saxony, a staunch Catholic, extended his projection to Martin Luther, Protestant religious reformer–and Luther extended his protection to Frederick. Between them they declared the Biblical basis for religious liberty.


Liberty is so much more than “freedom to sin”! For Rushdoony it was a theological fact. And so it ought to be for us.

As our country’s founders so well knew, government naturally seeks at all times to extend its power–which God’s law limits. Rushdoony wrote at a time when many different government agencies were forcefully encroaching on religious liberty.

And that has not changed.

A firm Biblical understanding of and belief in religious liberty is the best protection of religious liberty. As Luther himself said, “He that believes most will protect most.”

And our freedom needs protection.

R.I.P., Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh receiving his Medal of Freedom. Melania Trump does the honors.

I am very sorry to report that Rush Limbaugh, 70, has died of cancer. We have lost a champion of the conservative cause.

As one of El Rushbo’s 40 million listeners, going back several decades, I learned a lot from him. I think the biggest eye-opener I got from him was the realization that government has no money of its own and creates no wealth on its own: it has only the wealth that we, the American people, create by working for it. Government can’t “give” anybody anything; it can only take from some to award to others–and very seldom justly, or wisely. Thank you for that insight, Rush.

We are at a perilous juncture in our nation’s history, and to lose Mr. Limbaugh now is to lose much.

But we still have our prayers, and I take some comfort from the thought that as his life drew to a close, Rush learned to lean more and more upon the everlasting arms of Jesus Christ Our Lord. I hope there’s another microphone waiting for him in Christ’s Kingdom.

Instructed by the Holy Spirit, Isaiah wrote, “The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.” (Isaiah 57: 1-2)

I pray we aren’t there yet, and that the Savior will deliver us from the snares of the ungodly. But if we are, then I pray the Lord will give us faith, courage, strength, endurance, and wisdom. Because we shall need it, every drop of it.