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Affirmative Action for the Rich and Famous: College

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Hum baby! That college admissions scandal’s getting juicy! (

Imagine you’re a celebrity, rich and famous, and you want your kids to be rich and famous, too, like you: set for life. But there’s a problem. They’re stupid. They’re lazy. Pampered all their lives, they have no work ethic and they believe themselves entitled to the best of everything. How do you get such a jidrool into Yale?

Easy–you get a wheelbarrow full of money, take it to this great fixer whom you’ve heard about from other celebrities, he bribes college officials and coaches, and presto! Your talent-skips-a-generation offspring are admitted into Stanford. Along with the progeny of dozens of other fabulously wealthy white liberals.

And you thought affirmative action was only for poor black kids who can’t read!

Boy howdy, does this stink! Some “four dozen” rich folks have already been charged in this case, with more to come. They’ve paid colossal amounts of money to have smart kids take their kids’ SATs, or else “correct” the answers, to have deans and coaches arrange for the dullards’ grades to be changed so they can get their degrees–bribes galore: all, in the words of one FBI investigator, to “set their children up for success with the best money can buy.”

Hey! Now you know where some of those creepy little people come from, who inhabit the Deep State and the Swamp, accountable to no one, set for life, you never get a chance to vote them out because they never have to run. But that’s only the ones who got bored with just being rich and having everything handed to them, and who have developed the ambition to help Fundamentally Transform America into a Far Left basket case. The rest of them just lollygag.

Once you’ve been admitted to an elite university, the pressure’s off. The grades are massaged, the test scores are fixed, the professors warned not to mess with you–and your degree, and down the road a no-show job, it’s all in the bag. Welcome to a lifelong idyll of unearned and undeserved success!

In one case, a coach Photo-Shopped a prospective student’s picture to give him or her an athletic body that actually belonged to someone else. It seems there’s nothing they won’t do, to earn their bribes.

This is just beautiful all over. Virtually everybody has to go to college, you’ve got federal funding pouring in, it costs  a fortune to go, and the whole higher education establishment is sitting there like Jabba the Hutt atop a mountain of tenure, high salaries, lavish pensions–and the fun of “teaching” defenseless young people to be good little brain-dead liberals! It just doesn’t get any more corrupt than this.

I’m amazed our nation still exists. These “educators” and the creepy little people that they’ve trained should have buried it long ago. God knows they’ve tried.

Defund the universities now. Before it’s too late.

Walmart Hails ‘Gay’ Dating

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No, I am not going to post a picture of this shameful business. Here’s a robin feeding her chicks. God’s stuff is sane. Much of ours is not.

Choosing up sides, that’s what it comes down to. You’re either on the Lord’s side, or you’re not.

Walmart has chosen “not.” Right in time for Easter, too.

Walmart now has an online video, “Love Is In the Aisle,” featuring a pair of sodomites who are in the store on a “blind date” ( Suffice it to say that homosexuals are not known for the fine discrimination they practice in choosing partners. But Walmart wants to portray this as wholesome.

Well, Walmart. you chose. It’s not too late to repent, and stop doing this. See if you can choose a little better. Because someday everybody’s going to run out of second chances.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

‘Testicular Bill of Rights’: Legislation or Satire?

Read the ‘testicular bill of rights,’ one lawmaker’s answer to antiabortion legislation

(Oh, please…!)

We think it’s satire; but then a lot of what Democrats say and do these days looks like satire, but it isn’t.

The Georgia Legislature passed a “heartbeat law” forbidding abortions after six weeks, when the baby develops a heartbeat. Unable to prevent the legislation, Georgia Democrats–they really do hate babies–cooked up some legislation of their own: a “testicular bill of rights.” ( We think they did it as a protest, not a bill requiring serious consideration, but we could be wrong.

Here are the bill’s provisions.

*A man would need permission from his “sex partner” to buy Viagra

*Outlaw vasectomies

*Sex without  a condom would be “aggravated assault”

*Child support to start as soon as a DNA test can confirm the baby’s father, to be administered one day after the heartbeat is detected. (Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I’d vote for it.)

*24-hour “waiting period” before a man can buy porn or sex toys. At one of those creepy little shops…

*Require any man 55 or older to “immediately report to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agency” whenever he “releases sperm from his testicles.” Of course, he could get around this by releasing sperm from some other part of his body. Ugh.

To make their point, Democrats posed outside the state house wearing costumes a la “The Handmaid’s Tale,” the leftid horror fantasy about poor oppressed women forced to have babies instead of aborting them like any normal feminist would do.

Again, it seems a pretty good bet that this so-called legislation is not a serious attempt at making law, but rather intended as a take-off and a protest. But again, who can be sure? Democrats hate babies. Democrats hate men. And they’re not entirely sane. So just watch out.

How Come It’s Not ‘Hate’ When Libs Do It?

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“Not appropriate in this school”

A fourth-grade public school teacher in Utah seems to be pleading ignorance as her excuse for forcing a 9-year-old child to “wipe off” the Ash Wednesday cross from his forehead last week (

She thought it was “dirt on his forehead,” she claims. Uh, she is now on “administrative leave.” The boy tried to explain what it was, but says she wouldn’t listen–and she is also supposed to have said the Ash Wednesday cross was “not appropriate in this school, go wipe it off.”

When a public uproar ensued, the teacher apologized. “My whole life has been centered around respecting diversity,” she said. And, “I had no idea it was a religious symbol.”

Really? You really didn’t know? What do we get if we believe you?

Is there anyone who still doubts that the public education establishment is actively hostile to Christians and their faith? This is what you get when you send your Christian children to a public school. I mean, how many hundreds of incidents do we have to report before you get the message?

The only thing sacred to the teachers’ unions is Far Left politics and societal engineering. In John Dewey’s words, schoolteachers are “change agents.” Their job is to change America into God knows what. An anthill with Far Left crazies in charge of it all.

And if someone is honestly so ignorant as not to know about Ash Wednesday, what’s she doing “teaching” in the first place?

NY Mayor to Force ‘Meatless Mondays’

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I wonder if they should call it “Brainless Monday.” But that would imply the presence of a brain elsewhere in the week.

Demonstrating once again that there is no aspect of life so mundane, so trivial, but that Democrats lust to control it, New York Mayor “Bill De Blasio” (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.) has announced that he will enforce “Meatless Monday” at all the city’s public schools (

Why? Oh, come on. “To Save The Earth,” he intones. “To Keep Our Planet Green For Generations To Come.” “Because I’m a big shot and I can do whatever I like.” Oops, strike that last remark.

And so there will be “all-vegetarian menus” at all the city’s public schools on every Monday, beginning with the 2019 school year. Why does this remind me of President *Batteries Not Including scarfing down double handfuls of Kobe Beef while his wife tried to control all of the lunches at all of the schools in the country? But Saving The Planet is always “Austerity for thee, but not for me.”

Think De Blasio himself is going to go meatless every Monday? Give a convincing and coherent explanation, in 25 words or less, of why you think that, and win a genuine Al Gore T-shirt.

Ocasio-Cortez: Capitalism ‘Irredeemable’

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Now be honest–do you really want her running the country?

It was a striking juxtaposition on the front page of the Drudge Report, Sunday night.

Up top, the lead story was the total loss of electric power in Caracas, the capital city of socialist hell-hole Venezuela.

A few inches below, first-year Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, self-proclaimed socialist and the new face of the Democrat Party, blasted capitalism as “irredeemable” ( That’s ’cause it equals “income inequality.” And Global Warming.

Yeah, Craze–but we’ve got electricity, and your socialist buddies don’t. That should tell you something.

Is it really necessary to remind anyone that “income equality” is a fantasy? Even in socialist countries where everyone is poor, the glorious leaders aren’t. You can bet your private jet on that.

Flee High New York Taxes–and Get Audited

Image result for angry andrew cuomo

He’s after your money.

They can’t afford to build a Berlin Wall all around the state of New York to keep people in, but they’ve been doing the next best thing: if you move out of New York to escape high taxes, they’ll audit you (

Far Left New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo laments, “This is the flip side [of federal tax cut legislation]. Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. We did. Now, God forbid, the rich leave.”


New York has a $2.3 billion budget deficit, and, in recent years, has lost 48,000 residents who fled the state’s high tax regime, where the top 1 percent pay nearly half the taxes in the state. Illinois, another Blue State paradise, has lost 45,000 residents.

“The rich” don’t want to stay there and get raped, so they leave; and New York pursues them with “intrusive audits,” calling them “defectors.” Iron Curtain, anyone?

But they can’t lower the taxes, because then the Democrat Party couldn’t dole out free stuff to its voting base.

If they could afford to build a wall, they would.

Even More Good News!

He’s still a mighty fortress! Turn up the volume.

Is this a case of “seek and ye shall find”? More good news–it’s out there.

According to a recently-released study by Harvard and Indiana University Bloomington, Christianity in America is not shrinking, but growing stronger (

Yes, the mainline/flatline denominations are declining like mad, people leaving them in droves. But at the same time, overall church attendance, regular Bible reading, trust in the Bible as God’s word, and daily prayer, have held “steel-bar” steady for the past 50 years. It seems people who leave the loosey-goosey liberal churches don’t stop being Christians. They just go somewhere else.

Not only that: in 1989, studies found 39% of Christians held to “strong beliefs and practices.” In the 2018 study, that number had risen to 47%. And according to a Pew poll, the growth of Christianity in America is not within the church denominations, but in “the non-denominational family.” Meanwhile, Christians have more children than the secular crowd.

It all adds up to a “persistent and exceptional intensity” in American Christianity, says the Harvard-Indiana study.

And gee whiz, for some reason, you don’t hear the nooze media shouting it from the housetops. Probably because it makes them sad.

Couple this with Christianity growing stronger and stronger in Asia and Africa, and what we’ve got is some very good news indeed.

[Thanks to Susan for the news tip.]

Another Good Guy Victory!

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Something tells me I’m gonna need the happy puppy to get this once past the censors.

Wow, three in one week! That’s got to be some kind of record.

We salute Marquitta Ford, who just a few days ago finally prevailed in a two-year-long struggle against PC tyranny in the state of Georgia ( Hail, Marquitta! We need more like you!

In 2016, Far Left Crazy in Georgia, abetting Organized Sodomy, put on a full-court press to allow men to invade women’s public rest rooms. All alone, with a hand-lettered sign–leftids always carry professionally-printed protest signs, and we always wonder who’s paid for it–Marquitta Ford protested outside the Georgia state house. For three months. Until the state government decided “to set an example” to scare off other protesters, and tried to shoo her away to some ridiculous “free speech zone” where speech is free because no one’s there to see or hear you. When she wouldn’t go, two cops arrested her; and she spent 36 hours in the county jail.

Uh, what was her crime? Why was she in jail?

First they charged her with some horse**** about “unlawful activities” in or around the state capitol. Then they discovered the State Supreme Court had voided that law back in 2006. So then they charged her with “disobeying a lawful order of a police officer.”

Terrified of having the LBGT crowd sent after them, pro bono lawyers refused to take Ms. Ford’s case. But Mass Resistance and Eugene DelGaudio’s Public Advocate organization shopped around until they found a really good lawyer, and agreed to pony up his fee. As for Ms. Ford, she rejected offers to plea-bargain–because she wasn’t guilty of anything!

As it turned out, they tried twice to have a trial, but both times, neither of the arresting officers showed up in court. After the second no-show, the judge dismissed the case. After two years of persecution, Ms. Ford is off the hook.

Why do these things happen, in a country full of Christians? Why are Far Left extremists allowed to bully the whole population?

And why do we allow it to be so?

Do Trees Commit Hate Crimes?

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Had she really never seen this before? Really?

This week’s phony “hate crime” was reported by the mayor of Lamar, South Carolina, back on Feb. 7. It’s getting so that real “hate crimes” are more of a subject for cryptozoologists than criminologists.

In this case, the mayor got all cranked up over some “sticky, yellow substance” found on her and her husband’s cars one morning. The fact that no threatening message accompanied it, the mayor found even scarier than it’d be with a threat. But, she declared, “My husband and I refuse to be intimidated by those who perpetrated this act of vandalism which I classify as an act of hatred.”

That would be… trees.

Although police realized the scary stuff was pollen from the nearby trees the moment they saw it, they still had to “investigate” because a “hate crime” is such a serious event.

The mayor so far refuses to believe it was pollen. Of course, she could have easily wiped some of it off her car and taken it to the nearest high school to put it under a microscope in the biology lab. Then she could see for herself. Pollen grains are those round things with the spiky bits.

But that wouldn’t be anywhere near as dramatic as a “hate crime.” You should see the amount of pollen that falls on our cars. No international news for us.

Shouldn’t it be at least a misdemeanor, to waste police time and resources? You should at least have to prove you didn’t do it on purpose.

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