‘AI’ Dumps Lawyer in the Soup

Why Do A.I. Chatbots Tell Lies and Act Weird? Look in the Mirror. - The New  York Times

Just askin’–can the robot pass a lie detector test?

A New York lawyer is in hot water for using “Artificial Intelligence,” aka ChatbotGPT, to write the briefs he would submit to the court. The robot referred to over a dozen other cases. The problem was… all those cases were fictitious (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/05/29/sweet-little-ai-lies-new-york-lawyer-faces-sanctions-after-using-chatgpt-to-write-brief-filled-with-fake-citations/). They never existed.


I don’t know how the robot just makes up stuff like that, or why anybody would need a robot to do it. We used to call it “lying.” The lawyer says he was “unaware of the possibility” that AI might be citing fictitious sources. (I did that once, for a high school term paper. All by myself, without a robot.) Well, boyo, the judge sounds like he means to make you very keenly aware of that.

How badly do we need an Artificial Intelligence that lies to us? Our politicians and educators need absolutely no help in that department. That goes for a lot of our scientists, too.

‘Are We Being “Engineered”?’ (2020)

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Three years after originally posting this, I find no more room left for doubt. The consent of the governed, foundational to our country’s laws and culture, is now a manufactured consent.

Which is to say it’s not real.

Are We Being ‘Engineered’?

Did they ask us first, when they chose to lock us down? Did they ask for permission to transgender our children? Did they ask us if we wanted to be governed by freaks?

Well, why should they, if they can always create the illusion of “consent”?

Supreme Court Slaps Down Government Grab, 9-0

SNIDELY WHIPLASH IN THE BRONX (1921) – The Brownstone Detectives

Snidely Whiplash lives!

A 94-year-old woman in Minnesota was $2,300 behind in her taxes ($15,000 including fines and interest); so the county seized her home, sold it for $40,000… and kept the money. All of it. (https://apnews.com/article/supreme-court-unpaid-taxes-d8a47701c2ff35436c7f96dad2e94f27)

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week–unanimously–that the county couldn’t do that. No way. I mean, sheesh–the county came out $25,000 ahead at this poor old lady’s expense. Could anything be more crass?

Government is not your friend. Our country’s founders knew that. Most countries don’t. Have we evolved into one of those? Maybe not quite yet. The Supreme Court refused to allow this overreach by a county government.

As a reporter I covered many stories of local governments seizing property because of unpaid taxes. Speculators would then bid for the right to pay the delinquent taxes and, eventually, take ownership of the property. The original owner had a limited amount of time in which to repay the debt. Most of them never showed up.

But to wrest this money–and then some!–from a 94-year-old woman… Holy cow, Snidely Whiplash lives!

Kerry Babbles: There’s Too Much Food Being Produced!

John Kerry says US farmers must radically transform food production to meet 'net zero' emissions goals by 2030

A mummy in search of a pyramid

Gee, remember “world hunger”? John Kerry doesn’t. No: the ambulatory mummy, now SloJo”s “Climate Czar,” sez we gotta “radically transform food production” if we’re ever gonna hit the goal of Net Zero (https://thepostmillennial.com/john-kerry-says-us-farmers-must-radically-transform-food-production-to-meet-net-zero-emissions-goals-by-2030). I think Net Zero was in a Japanese monster movie, but don’t quote me.

Yowsah, yowsah, forget about “Climate Change”–we’ve got a Climate Crisis, Kerry babbles. And we’d better solve it pronto, because… “15 million people a year are dying” from Global Warming/Climbit Chainge. What crap.

His solution: us plebs had better get used to doing without household amenities like gas stoves and eating s*** grown in the lab… and bugs! Lots of bugs. While he shambles into his private jet and takes off for Davos for another bowl of nightingale tongues.

Man, I was in high school when this gork started pissing on our country. He’s been at it ever since. Democrats keep giving him high posts in the government. They only do it because they hate us.

Yeah, yeah, hum baby! Let’s cut back on the world’s food supply! We can make it up with bugs and grass and tree bark. But again, that’s only for us common people.

When do we get to boot this evil shyster out of America forever?

‘Did He Say “Insubordinate”?’ (2020)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces run for 3rd term

At the height of the Great Pandemic and Lockdown, governors and mayors turned into kings and despots and our Constitution was ignored. It went so far that the wacko governor of Washington complained about county sheriffs in particular and the public in general being “insubordinate.”

Did He Say ‘Insubordinate’?

Remember “public servants”? The very concept has been erased–in our lifetimes. We could not hold on to our freedoms. We let them lock us down and shut us up. Our ancestors would be ashamed of us.

How can we be “insubordinate” to people whom we supposedly elected to serve us?

Well, *Almost* Nobody…

High School Diploma Maker | Validgrad

The Marlin, TX, school district postponed its high school graduation because, school officials said, only 5 members of the senior class met the state standards for graduation (https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/26/us/marlin-high-school-texas-graduation/index.html#:~:text=A%20rural%20Texas%20high%20school,5%20seniors%20meet%20graduation%20requirements&text=A%20high%20school%20in%20Marlin,seniors%20met%20requirements%20for%20graduation.). The other 28 were held back because of poor grades and poor attendance.

Update: 17 seniors, in just one week, have supposedly made up for their insufficiencies.

Never mind! CYA Inc. has provided a solution.

Yes, why let your high school twist in the wind because nobody can graduate? Shift the blame to where it belongs–parents, grandparents, Donald Trump, and even the kids themselves if things get really gnarly!

CYA’s Substitute Diploma will get educators off the hook. Here’s a sample:

This is to certify that the ________ School District has attempted to give So-and-so an education conforming to state standards and that it’s his/her own fault that he/she is still an idiot. This is what they get for cutting class–it’s not our fault!

This way the school can still have a sort-of graduation celebration. Hand out these certificates as if they were diplomas and tell these wayward students “Hasta la vista, baby!”

Endorsed by 36 teachers’ unions nationwide!

Gobbledygook Aimed at Controlling Your Thoughts

Brain May Not Work in 'Regions' As Widely Taught, Scientists Suggest

“I think I’ve found a forbidden thought…”

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

So how’s your “cognitive infrastructure”?

That jumble of syllables was created by a government agency you’ve probably never heard of–the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). And by “cognitive infrastructure,” they mean… your thoughts (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/biden-regime-designates-your-thoughts-as-part-government/).

Yes, the Deep State and Big Tech have gotten together to “censor and manipulate” Americans, according to a lawsuit filed by Louisiana and Missouri against the Biden Regime.

Just how they propose to take over your cognitive infrastructure, no one’s sayin’. They can’t stop nuisance phone calls and assorted Medicare scams, but by cracky, they will control your thoughts!

As I’ve said, if there were a way for Democrats to get inside your brain and tear out every thought they didn’t like, they’d do it in a New York minute.

Those of us they don’t kill off will be allowed to stick around as slaves.

New Poll: 59% Call Nooze Media ‘the Enemy’

198 Pravda Newspaper Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

“Pravda” means “The New York Times” in Russian.

Leftids live in their own little bubble and have no idea of what makes normal people tick. All they know is, us plebs ought to bow down to them and be grateful for the wisdom and the expertise that makes them so much better than the rest of us.

A new Rasmussen poll says 59% of those polled agreed with the statement, “The news media is the real enemy of the people.” Only 30% expressed any trust in the media (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/washington-secrets/most-say-media-favor-democrats-59-call-it-their-enemy).

Shock: Even 44% of Democrats identified their party’s media lap-dogs as America’s enemy. And 77% of Republicans, which is no surprise.

Gee, noozies! Did you really think we never noticed your blatant favoritism for the Democrat Party in particular and the Far Left in general? Even when you think you’re slyly fooling us into believing you’re on our side, the mask always slips and shows the sneer.

The world “reported” in the media, and the world actually lived in, are two very, very different things.

Creation’s Revenge? (Orca Attacks on Boats)

Too close for comfort!

Is a mature female orca teaching young killer whales to attack yachts and fishing boats? A lot of people think so (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12118511/Killer-whale-traumatised-collision-boat-TEACHING-orcas-attack-yachts.html).

In the waters off the Strait of Gibraltar, orcas have attacked three boats this year, sinking two and badly damaging another. People are getting scared. Since 2022 there have been 29 attacks reported.

The first reports were in 2020; before that, none. (See https://leeduigon.com/2020/09/14/orcas-ramming-yachts-again-and-again/).

Researchers have named the whales’ ringleader “Gladis” and speculated she’s acting out after suffering some kind of traumatic encounter with a boat.

Question: Do the whales see some critical difference between the boats and the people in them? No one has been eaten yet, or had a limb bitten off.

Orcas have been observed to break up ice floes to dump seals into the water so they can be eaten. No humans have been eaten, although the photographer on R.F. Scott’s expedition had a narrow escape; but he didn’t know whether the whales were more interested in him or in some penguins that were in the water. His main interest was in getting away.

Are these whales capable of learning from the experiences of others, and of forming long-range, purposeful plans?

We still have a lot to learn.

My Newswithviews Column, May 25 (“‘Emergency!” for the Woke’)

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Target’s not on target!

Why are Far Left crazies always flabbergasted when their little schemes don’t pan out and the public vastly rejects them? What part of “Oh, dry up, get lost!” don’t they understand?

‘Emergency!’ for the Woke

Yeah, it’s always an emergency. Do what we say or you’re all gonna die! How many times are they going to pull that on us?

Our position is that you people never tell the truth. Never.

Go ahead, try to prove us wrong.