‘All Through the Night’ (in Welsh)

Looks like everybody’s gone to the beach today. But for those who are here, I thought you might enjoy this–Ar Hyd y Nos. “All Through the Night” in Welsh. Some of us have known it as a bedtime lullaby; but it’s also a hymn. Sung by Bryn Terfel.

Hymn on a Harp: ‘All Through the Night’

This was the first thing I posted today, but the computer and WordPress decided it’d be fun if they made me do all the work and then made the post disappear without a trace. So I’m trying again.

All Through the Night, old Welsh melody, performed by Siobhan Owen at St. German’s Church in Cardiff, Wales.

If I can get things to work around here, I want to post something about the life of St. Germanus–it’s quite inspiring. I might have to bump some nooze to fit it in, but I doubt anyone will complain about that.

By Popular Demand, ‘All Through the Night’

From St. David’s Hall, Cardiff (in Wales, not upstate New York), Aled Jones and choir sing All Through the Night–in English and in Welsh. Actually, the “popular demand” is mine. This hymn was in my head very early this morning. And welcome it was.

Hymn, ‘All Through the Night’

All right, maybe it’s not a hymn, strictly speaking; but this ancient Welsh song, if you listen to the words in English (second verse), leaves no doubt as to its Christian sense and sentiment.

Anyway, it’s a song I felt a need to hear this morning.

All that hurly-burly yesterday, I thought my head was going to explode–so today I’m steering clear of doctors. Let prayer have scope to work. Let God’s grace heal my spirit.

A Most Unusual Welsh Carol

Be patient: the music doesn’t kick in until this video’s halfway over. There is nothing wrong with your computer. Anyhow, when you finally hear it, it’s worth waiting for.

Most of us already know All Through the Night, but I’ll bet hardly any of us ever heard it played on a theremin. That’s that weird instrument that makes eerie music for science fiction movies. You’ll know it when you hear it. Invented in 1928, the theremin is the original electronic musical instrument. You play it without touching anything. Please don’t ask me to explain how that works.

It’s the day after Christmas: but the Christ Child lives all year.