‘The Chance of a Lifetime’ (2017)

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I refuse to post pictures of these wretched people. Here’s a nice flying fish instead.

Wow! It was the chance of a lifetime! Win a picnic on Catalina Island… with Bruce (“Call me Caitlyn, dammit!”) Jenner. Who was once a man–and still is, if you could ask his cells.

‘The Chance of a Lifetime’!

I forget what you had to do to win this, uh, prize. Probably something really degrading. Maybe even as shameful as hosting a show on Fox Nooze as supposedly a (LOL) “conservative” and see how many female pronouns you can cram into one paragraph about Bruce Gender. You could pretend you were Sean Hannity.

Nah, that’s just too cruel.

Fox News: Should Be Faux Nooze

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It wasn’t their fault they went extinct. What’s our excuse?

Hey! Remember Fox News? Democrats called it a far right fake news outlet that tricked poor stupid peasants into being conservatives.

Ah! But that was before Fox hired Bruce Jenner (“Oh, call me Caitlyn! ‘Cause I’m a woman now”). This weird guy with lipstick. And they’re gushing over him, all these so-called “conservatives” who will now be his co-workers. They hail him as “a pioneer.”

Tell me: if you can’t even conserve the distinction between a man and a woman, what can you conserve?

And y’know what’s scariest about the whole thing? The way people whom you’d swear would know better just, in record time or no time at all, spin their moral compass 180 degrees and embrace and celebrate what only yesterday they decried as sin and moral chaos.

Because some guy says he’s now a woman, does that make him a woman? Really? You really, truly, believe that?

The Lord is going to have His work cut out for Him, trying to save this world.