By Request, ‘The Prayer’

Elder Mike sent us a link to this hymn, but I couldn’t get it to work. Not to worry–I found several versions of it on YouTube. This is a duet by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli: The Prayer.

By Request, ‘Oh Holy Night’ (Celine Dion)

I have to be in four or five different places this morning, at pretty much the same time, but let me at least post these hymn requests so they can be entered in the carol contest.

Requested by Carla Fullerton (welcome aboard, Carla)–Oh Holy Night, sung by Celine Dion.

Celine Dion’s New Weirdo Ad

Why do leftids and celebrities fanatically hate the created order of male and female, and work so hard to try to wipe it out?

I don’t know. Maybe they’re just evil.

Here’s a commercial for Celine Dion’s new line of “gender-neutral” children’s clothing, which we need because being a boy or a girl is a bad thing, don’t you know. As she says in her voice-over, the children are “not really our children, but just links in a never-ending chain of life,” blah-blah. So she walks into a nursery and blows magic dust that erases all that boy-girl stuff and replaces it with gender-neutral symbols in rather garish colors. Oh–and she supposedly gets arrested for doing this. In the commercial, not real life. In real life they don’t bust you for incoherent blather and bubbling idiocy.

The commercial, which I couldn’t find standing alone, is here embedded in some guy’s New World Order conspiracy theory, complete with Rosicrucians and Templars. And The Illuminati are behind it. There’s no such thing as The Illuminati, but never mind.

So again I ask: Why is male and female a bad thing? And why is it not crazy, not delusional, to deny self-evident facts–plain reality– while embracing totally loopy alternative pseudo-realities cooked up by college professors and Hollywood types who take too many drugs?


By Request: ‘The Prayer’

Erlene asked for this one: The Prayer, sung by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

Remember, the hymn shop is open to everybody, all day, every day. So if there’s a hymn you’d like to see posted here, just let us know.