‘Come Thou Almighty King’

We don’t have any hymn requests yet today, so I fall back on my store of favorites. This is one of them–Come Thou Almighty King, sung by the Sanctuary Choir at First Methodist Church, Houston.

By Request, ‘Come, Thou Almighty King’

Phoebe asked for this one, and I’m very glad to post it–Come, Thou Almighty King.

I won’t offer an opinion on the music, but the beauty of God’s handiwork, His Creation, often moves me to tears–and these photographs of it succeeded in doing that. Oh, how I would love to stand or walk in some of these places! Thank you, Father, for creating them.

‘Come Thou Almighty King’

Felice de Giardini wrote this hymn in 1648 (I remember that from the hymnal!) and churches have been singing it and loving it ever since: Come Thou Almighty King. Sung here by the Laodicean Church of God.

‘Come, Thou Almighty King’

We do have some hymn requests today, but first, this–Come, Thou Almighty King, sung by the congregation and choir at Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California. This hymn was with me all last night–and that means “share it.”

If you’re new here, we like to start each blogging day with a hymn, and we love to take hymn requests. So if you’ve got one, just leave a comment anywhere and we’ll do the rest.

‘Christ For the World We Sing’

This is the same “Italian Hymn,” composed by Felice DiGiardini, that we heard yesterday with Come, Thou Almighty King. Here they have tweaked the arrangement just a little bit: sung by the choir at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, New York City.

For going on 60 years I’ve had trouble remembering which of these hymns is which. But they’re both beautiful!

‘Come, Thou Almighty King’

You’ll have to provide your own singing for this one–but is that so bad? You’ve got the lyrics right here, and a truly beautiful organ backup. This should move you.

I have fond memories of Come, Thou Almighty King. It was one of the first hymns they had us singing when we were old enough to be entrusted with the adults’ hymnal. And for some reason the name of the composer, Felice DiGiardini, has stuck with me for going on 60 years.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands…


‘Come, Thou Almighty King’

This hymn was sung a lot in our church, and I remembered the name of the author, as given in the hymnal: Felice De Giardini. He published the music in 1769. No one knows who wrote the lyrics, sometimes attributed to Charles Wesley.

Here it is from the choir at St. Peter’s RC Church in Columbia, South Carolina.

‘Come Thou Almighty King’

Sometime in the 18th century, Italian composer Felice de Giardini created what has become the standard melody for this ancient hymn, first seen in a hymnal dating from 1580. Come Thou Almighty King–and the sooner, the better!

This is a contemporary arrangement by Mark Miller, backed up by gorgeous photos of God’s handiwork in nature. I won’t even try to resist the combination.

‘Come, Thou Almighty King’

This 18th century hymn by Felice de Giardini, Come Thou Almighty King, gets a 21st century performance by Mark Miller. Ordinarily, I prefer this not be done. But there’s also something to be said for spirit and exuberance in praising God–so let’s have some!

Thanks to Susan for suggesting it.