Battling Beasties

Just in case you were wondering what Entelodonts were like when they got riled up, this video will give you a pretty good idea of it.

The special effects are by Tim Haines, whose work has inspired more than a few scenes in my own Bell Mountain books.

As an added bonus, we’ve thrown in a Baluchitherium.


Nooze-free Weekend!

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Somebody said they’d sic a couple of these Entelodons on me if I subjected them to any more nooze this weekend; so unless it’s something that really as to be addressed, giant prehistoric wild boars or not, I guess I’d better just keep mum about it.

Entelodons, possibly related to pigs, were massive, highly maneuverable animals with great big jaws full of great big teeth. It isn’t worth antagonizing them.

We’re still taking hymn and prayer requests all weekend, though. All I’ve got to do is steer clear of the nooze for two days.