Have You Brushed Your Squirrel Today?

You’d think squirrels would make good pets. They’re quick to learn, they’re friendly–what’s not to like?

Except that, really, the squirrels around here seem perfectly happy outside and it doesn’t take much effort to make friends with them. They’ll eat out of your hand. I don’t know if they’ll ever sit on your lap… unless they’re living in your home.

I just wish they wouldn’t chew the wires on our cars.

Free Spirits! (Squirrels)

One of the joys of life in eastern North America is… squirrels.

We love to watch them wrestling with twigs, tackling their own tails, jumping up and down, spinning around–and why do they do it?

Because they’re squirrels and it suits them just fine!

Squirrel Solitaire

The first time I ever saw this, I was amazed–a squirrel playing with a stick, jumping on it, rolling around with it, having a grand time. Well, what else are you supposed to do when there are no other squirrels around to chase?

Rodents are very, very smart, by the way. If they lived longer, they’d be playing chess.