By Request, ‘I Saw Three Ships’

Phoebe requested this, one of my very favorite Christmas carols–I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In. True, it’s impossible to sail a ship to Bethlehem; but geography wasn’t a priority when this song was first sung. This lively rendition is by Blackmore’s Night.

‘I Saw Three Ships’

Not much video to go with this–but just try and sit still: this hymn won’t let you do it. Another one of my favorite Christmas carols: I Saw Three Ships, performed by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

How old is this carol. No one knows for sure. Old enough for the lyric to say, “sailing to Bethlehem.” You’d do better to get out and walk.

‘I Saw Three Ships’

Christmas defies the wickedness and evil of a fallen world. I chose to post this carol today, I Saw Three Ships, because I love it and because I was already reeling from the non-stop flow of bad news: and the joy of Christmas stands like a tower of refuge. God is our refuge and strength, for sure.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!