‘In Front of the Heavenly Tribunal’ (2015)

“No one ever told us any of this stuff was real!”

Yeah, we don’t hear much about Heaven and Hell these days, not even in our churches. “Judgment? Dude, you can’t pull that on me! It says “Judge not!”

In Front of the Heavenly Tribunal

It was a great achievement to translate the Bible into living language and set it loose among the human race. It would be nice if more of our churches actually preached the Bible.

‘Cause who wants to end up like Dennis Bottwitz?

Werner von Braun… on Judgment

[Thanks to Susan for the tip]

When I was in my tweens, Werner von Braun was a household name, the man who ran our space program. He and his team put a man on the moon, eventually. He was surely the most famous scientist in America.

This recently rediscovered video clip shows another side of Werner von Braun. “Everything science has taught me,” he said, led him to believe in the eternal existence of the soul–and “judgment of each one dead.” God’s judgment.

There are still scientists who believe that. But imagine if a Big Name in science ever said a thing like this in public. There’d be wailing and gnashing of teeth. They’d be howling for his scalp. (And if you have to ask who “they” are–well, then go and find out.)

Werner and his team put a man on the moon using slide rules, pen protectors in the pockets of their white shirts, and their brains. Today many of us don’t know what a slide rule was. And it’s been a long time since anyone walked on the moon.