The New Kwanzaaa–Jan. 6

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Back in the 60s, Far Left Crazy decided America needed to be weaned off Christmas. Boo, Christmas! A holiday for white people!

And so they made up “Kwanzaa,” a totally fictitious B.S. pseudo-African festival that no one in Africa ever heard of until they read about it in The Atlantic.

Somehow Christmas survived, and now the only people in America who still pretend to believe in Kwanzaaa are white female elementary school teachers and a few hopelessly addled black politicians. You want Kwanzaaaa? Visit your nearest public school. You won’t find it anywhere else.

So America didn’t go stampeding away from Christmas. What we need, cogitates the Far Left brain trust, is another brand-new holiday!

Hence… “Insurrection Day.” Jan. 6. The Worst Day Ever, according to… reporters. “Journalists.” Line up over there, next to the schoolmarms. Worse than Sept. 11. Worse than Pearl Harbor. Unarmed members of the public entering a public place without first saying “May I?” Worse even than Gettysburg!

We’ll see TV specials. Impassioned speeches by Democrats about “Our democracy.” How it’s all Trump’s fault. Why we need mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. All to the tune of breathless noozie chit-chat, “What I saw on the Worst Day Ever,” or “How those dadburned Trumpers almost put the kibosh on Our Democracy!”

How many times will this hooey holiday be “celebrated” before it joins Kwanzaaa in the who-freakin’-cares department?

Which is Stupider, Government or Public Education?

The Oklahoma legislature is considering a bill which, if enacted into law, is supposed to combat school bullying ( ) by giving classroom teachers the authority to fine bullies and their parents.

The way they will get rid of bullying is with more bullying.

No one in Oklahoma has bothered to define “bullying,” which they now propose to make punishable. (“Community service,” by the way, a nice name for forced labor, is one of the punishments that could be handed out. Another punishment is “counseling.” Notice how things that once had positive connotations are now punishments.) Perhaps some questions are in order.

Is it bullying when one atheist can demand that the whole community cancel its Christmas festivities?

Is it bullying when the schmendrick from the ACLU shows up at the school board meeting and vows they’ll “bankrupt this town” if anything but Evolution is taught in science classes?

Is it bullying when Christian children are forced to read homosexual fairy tales and create Kwanzaaaa cards in art class?

Is it bullying when all the children are told they’d better believe in Man-Made Global Warming, or else?

Is it bullying when white students are ordered to “check your white privilege” and “defer to minority students”?

Oh, I see! It’s only “bullying” when some non-progressive does it! For libs and their Cherished Minorities, it’s open season on everybody else.

And so once again Big Government and Big Education compete to see which of them can be the first to change, by coercion, some fundamental aspect of human nature.

Bullying isn’t bullying when they bully you for your own good.