Lee’s Homeschool Reading List (2)

The White Nile by Moorehead, Alan

I’ll be adding to this from time to time. I just finished reading a book that I’ve got to add to the list.

Ages 12 and Up. The White Nile, by Alan Moorehead, combines exotic and exciting history with superb storytelling. I first read this book in high school: 50 years later, it still delights me. Discovering the source of the Nile was the centerpiece of Victorian exploration; nothing matched it until expeditions started racing for the poles. What a cast of characters! Stanley and Livingston, Burton and Speke, “Chinese” Gordon and the Mahdi… What a story!

Reader recommendations always welcome! Some of you have actually done homeschooling, and we can all benefit from your experience. I can use your help in recommending books for readers under 12. Come on, tell us–what were some of the books you thought were really great for your children when they were under 12? I mean, I read a lot of my father’s books, left over from his childhood–but I hardly think they’d be easy to find today.

Get to Work!

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I’ve just realized I’ve got to write a Newswithviews column today–in addition to as much of The Witch Box as I can manage, blog posts, and if there’s anything else, well, I’ve forgotten it.

I have no idea what the column ought to be about. Just now, my book is calling me outside.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people actually read? Like if they were to read C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength. Guess I ought to put that on my homeschool reading list–although I doubt many of today’s college students would understand it. The middle school kids at St. Helena’s would, though.

Lee’s Homeschool Reading List

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Interviewing me for the podcast yesterday, Andrea Schwartz had a good idea. Why not compile and maintain a reading list for homeschooling families? And, of course, anyone else who wants to get into the reading habit. The books recommended would not be any that you’d find on any public school curriculum.

I wasn’t sure how to set this up, but then decided I might as well just plunge into it and let it find its own shape over time.

The books on the list would have to be compatible with Christian faith, or at least not contradictory or subversive to it, entertaining (because we want you to read more!), “educational” in the broadest sense, and available without much difficulty.

So here goes! First two books on the list–

Ages 12 and Up:

Herodotus, The Histories/ The Persian Wars. A writer who can stay in print for 2,500 years doesn’t do it by being boring! Herodotus, nicknamed “The Father of History,” and other nicknames not so nice, like “That liar!”, offers a mix of history, travelogue, tall tales, and enough exotic material to fascinate you twenty times over. I like the Penguin paperback, with the translation by Aubrey de Selincourt. Honest, it’s one of the most entertaining books ever written–just the thing for breaking out of the digital stupor.

12 and Under:

The Freddy the Pig series, by Walter R. Brooks. I discovered these when I was nine years old, and have been reading them and loving them ever since. Kids will love the talking animal characters and exciting situations; adults will love the subtle humor that they didn’t fully appreciate as ten-year-olds. (Only Brooks would ever describe a beetle as “motherly.”) The series starts off with Freddy Goes to Florida–the first one I read–and quickly shifts into high gear. And there are a couple dozen of these books to keep you busy.

Well, that’s the start of my Homeschool Reading List. I’ll add to it from time to time, and entries will always be stored in the blog archives for easy reference.

Chuck the phones and open the books!