What in the World Is This Supposed to Be?

Some people are seeing this as a ghastly resurgence of ancient paganism, the worship of Baal (see the Old Testament, 1 Kings, Chapter 18)–sponsored by the state in the person of Prince Charles, the next king of England.

Charles, in line to become the next head of the Church of England, opened the Commonwealth Games at Birmingham with the 32-foot-tall image of what they call “the raging bull.” We do not know what this image has to do with the Commonwealth Games or anything else. A great deal of work went into building this monstrosity. But what’s it for?

No one will ever call Charles one of the great minds of our time. Is he delivering an esoteric message to the world, or just fumfering around without any clear idea of what he’s doing? (I lean toward the latter theory.) Mindless silliness can land you in hot water just as effectively as well thought-out wickedness.

Which of these are we looking at here?

‘Has She Got the Wrong Number!’ (2016)

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To answer your question, sunshine–none.

I don’t know which is worse–listening to people babble about their past lives, or a really bad case of athlete’s foot. Anyway, I turned down this golden opportunity to review a book about Past Lives Regression Therapy.

Has She Got the Wrong Number!

Up to our eyeballs in pseudo-religion, is it any wonder that we now have a country governed by idiots, criminals, dotards, perverts, and lunatics?

Nobody ever had a past life as a schlub. It’s always something glamorous, exotic, fascinating.

And how do you get “certified” as a Past Lives Regression therapist? That must be a hoot. Can you get in trouble for being an uncertified Past Lives Regression therapist? And how would anybody ever tell the difference?