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It’s Starting to Scare Us

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One of Herod’s men

Which scares you more–the coronavirus itself, or the government’s response to it? In California they arrested a surfer who was alone on the water, hundreds of feet away from the nearest person, for violating “social distancing” commands. A government that does such things is not in its right mind. And some of us are growing fearful of people who obey crazy orders.

In 2002, eighteen years ago, Timothy Terrell penned this essay for Chalcedon:


In “Legitimacy and Intimidation,” Terrell wrote that “criminal behavior is a declaration of the autonomy of the individual and a rejection of God’s authority over human beings.” As submission to God’s laws goes out the window, a vicious circle comes in: the criminals get wilder and more violent, and the police rely more and more on massive force as a tool of intimidation. So you get the SWAT team smashing down your door at 4 a.m. because you jaywalked.

We worry that the curbs put on our freedom during the current crisis are going to prove too tasty to the government to give up when the crisis passes. “Hey! This is fun, ordering people’s behavior!” We also suspect that Democrats and their lapdogs in the nooze media are purposely trying to stretch out the crisis and scare us all silly in hopes of stampeding us into voting some Democrat psycho into the White House in November. Who honestly doubts they are capable of it?

Pray the Lord will exert His strength on us and bring us back to our senses, back to sanity: back to Him.

If we can learn important lessons from this crisis, we can come out of it a stronger country than we were going in.

Ken Ham: Take Back the Rainbow

My Blue State hometown is dotted with “rainbow” flags–deluded liberals proclaiming their allegiance to the movement for untrammeled sexual anarchy: “gay rights” for short. These are second in popularity only to “Science is real” signs. Oh, they’re so smart.

Ken Ham, though, the man behind the creation museum, has launched a campaign to reclaim the rainbow as a symbol of God’s faithfulness (http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/ken-hams-ark-encounter-boat-issues-call-christians-reclaim-rainbow-lgbt/)–which of course is what it originally was: see Genesis 9:13. Ham has a life-size replica of the Ark which, from now on, is to be lit up by rainbow lights every night.

We know he’s right because nooze media all over the country are dumping on him for it, and they wouldn’t be doing that if he weren’t one of the good guys. If he were evil and wrong, they’d be praising him to the skies.

So they’re waiting for us all to “age out”–die–so there won’t be anyone left to tell them that they’re wrong.

But God’s word will never age out, and never stop telling them they’re wrong.

And as for who will speak God’s word to them–as John the Baptist testified, “God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham” (Luke 3:8).

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