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NY Gov Pleads with Rich People: ‘Come Back!’

Andrew Cuomo pans 'The Godfather' in the wake of brother's 'Fredo ...

Gov. Andrew “America was never that great” Cuomo is pleading with wealthy residents to come back to New York City so they can pay New York City taxes (https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/510829-cuomo-calls-on-wealthy-to-return-to-new-york-city-you-got-to-come-back). He probably doesn’t have to worry about getting out of the way of a stampede.

“The rich” have fled NYC for the Hamptons, the Hudson valley, and Connecticut. If they stay there, they will have lower taxes. They also won’t have to worry about crazy communist Mayor Bill de Blasio releasing violent criminals 15 minutes after they’re arrested. Cuomo didn’t mention it, but the city’s crime rate has shot up into the stratosphere as a result of the city government’s commitment to make life easier for criminals. I know that sounds like a mere rhetorical flourish; but unhappily it’s true.

“Progressives” have urged Cuomo to hammer “the rich” with a new wealth tax; but in one of his lucid intervals, the governor realized that that was hardly likely to lure them back.

AND he said he wants the federal government–that would be you and me, and everyone else who doesn’t happen to live in New York–to pour money into his state to defray budget deficits.

Dude! You bragged about being a “sanctuary state” and flouting our immigration laws–and now it’s time for you to pay the price. Not one penny more, sunshine, until you Democrat clowns start enforcing the laws. And stop releasing thugs and robbers! Stop acting crazy!

Sheesh, you really wonder why people are high-tailing it out of New York? Really?

Judge: ‘Sanctuary State’ Unconstitutional

Image result for images of california tent cities

Are you sure you want a sanctuary state?

At least one judge has ruled unconstitutional the 2017 state law that made California a “sanctuary state” where our country’s immigration laws do not apply (https://abc7.com/politics/oc-judge-rules-californias-sanctuary-state-law-unconstitutional/4356877/).

A Superior Court judge struck down the law on the grounds that it violates the rights of charter cities (121 of them) to police themselves. The law forbade local police forces to communicate with federal authorities, like ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement),  in cases involving illegal aliens.

Gee, who’d’a thunk it? A state declares federal law, enacted by Congress, to be null and void within its borders… Uh, wasn’t there a spot of trouble about that, back in the 1860s?

If the U.S. Constitution is not the law of the land, then there is no law of the land: but only 50 different sets of laws, and no country at all, but only a name on the map.

That still leaves us utterly perplexed as to why anyone would want their state declared a sanctuary for illegal aliens. Well, OK, Democrats want to replace the electorate with a lot of Third World peasants they can easily dominate, and certain Republican donors want cheap labor (although if the labor force can’t afford to buy the goods and services, then where are you?)–but those are not reasons for normal people.

Oh, Boy! NJ to be Super Sanctuary State!

See the source image

Step right up, illegal aliens! No immigration laws here! You’re in New Jersey now, and the ex-Goldman Sachs Obama crony who is now our governor, Phil Murphy, is going to set up a special office to “defend” you from the law… and “from Trump” (http://therightscoop.com/wow-new-jersey-will-become-a-super-sanctuary-state-for-illegals/).

Murphy defeated a “moderate Republican” who believes in Global Warming and sounds just like another Democrat.

The last Goldman Sachs guy we had as governor somehow made several billion dollars of public money disappear. We never learn. We voted for Hillary, too.

So, sure, why not? C’mon down to Jersey! Oh–and the new gov thinks that word “sanctuary” has become a sort of tainted buzzword that gets normal people riled, so from now on they’re gonna say “welcoming.” He’s a bit behind the times: libs have already tainted “welcoming” pretty thoroughly. But they think if they call themselves “progressives,” no one will ever figure out they’re liberals.

Funny, isn’t it? There’s no actual legislation that says you have to jump when a sodomite says jump, and take part in a lesbian pseudo-wedding when they demand it of you; but if you say you can’t do it because it would be a serious sin, they’ll come crashing down on you like the missing half of El Capitan. Destroy your business, write you up as an enemy of the people, and shove you into Sensitivity Training. And you haven’t even broken any written laws.

But the immigration laws are real laws–passed by our elected representatives, signed by assorted presidents, all proper and above-board. These laws, these real laws, Democrats and other leftids insist be violated with impunity.

Gov. Murphy, if I were president, I’d sling your sorry ass into jail so fast, your shadow wouldn’t know where to find you.

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