Memory Lane: ‘The Vikings’ Theme Song

We’ve been having fun here, pawing through our memories for old TV show theme songs that we haven’t heard in years and years. Hey, I cover nooze every day and lately it’s been getting to me. Let’s have a little fun!

So far the themes you guys have mentioned are themes that I like, too. But here’s another one that I’ve always liked, and I wonder how many of you remember it.

Tales of the Vikings lasted only one season, 1959-60, but that was enough to get the kids in my neighborhood playing “vikings.” This show was a blast! And when I went on, in my college career, to specialize in the history and politics of the Viking Age–well, maybe this TV show had a little something to do with that.

Keep them memories comin’, folks. It contributes to the general fund of sanity.

‘Tales of the Vikings’

Couldn’t resist this! Tales of the Vikings was one of my super-favorite shows when I was ten years old, especially in the summertime, when there was still enough light outside to let you and your friends play “Vikings” while  inspired by this rousing theme song. True, we didn’t have any ships, not even an unused rowboat in the neighborhood. But a garbage can led make a fine shield, and there were always sticks for swords.

I suppose it wasn’t the best idea ever, to make heroes out of men whose occupation was robbing and looting other people’s villages. They have another name for that now, and only the Democrat Party praises those who do it.

And no, none of us ever put his eye out with a stick.