NY Judge Slaps Down COVID Vax Mandate

Sand in the Gears of World Trade - Avenir Suisse

More sand! More sand!

This could throw a bit of sand into the gearbox of the next Plandemic.

A New York State Supreme Court judge this week ordered the city to reinstate–with back pay–ten school teachers who were fired for refusing to receive COVID vaccine injections (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/nyc-teachers-win-jobs-back-backpay-refusing-covid-19-vaccine).

The judge called the city’s action “unlawful, arbitrary, and capricious.” He said it was “a denial of religious accommodation” that had no basis in law.

In New York City alone there are thousands of public employees working their way through the court system to get their jobs back, plus full back pay. However many win or lose their lawsuits, this ruling has set a precedent. We can pray for more like it.

The back pay ought to come out of the pockets of the politicians and Big Pharma, and any other officials who demanded the public submit to their arbitrary “mandates.” But of course the public will be made to pay for the actions of the guilty.

‘They Still Like Communism’ (2017)

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Democrat nostalgia: the gulags of the Soviet Union

As they lick their chops and rub their hands together, preparing for the next Plandemic, just in time for the 2024 elections, could the rest of us please remember that these–these liberals, globalists, Democrats–are communists in all but name: and they mean for us to have a communist future.

They Still Like Communism

They’ll never change. The New York Times will never change. Democrat Senators will never change. The day they can impose a Red China-style “social credit system” on Americans… will be their Fourth of July. And Christmas… all rolled into one.