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‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

I am totally conked out this morning–I don’t know why. The heat, maybe.

Well, here’s a nice, sweet hymn from a long time ago, I remember my mother and my aunts humming it as they went about their housework: Sweet Hour of Prayer. Sung by the Vagle Brothers.

‘Trust and Obey’

One of my favorite hymns from Sunday school, Trust and Obey–this is for Evelyn, lyrics and all. I don’t know how many Vagle Brothers there are, but they do make a nice sound together–and oh! the background scenery. God’s handiwork is always present, always a gift.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

We all need the Lord to carry us, sometimes. It’s raining again today, my wife is sick, I fear for my sister and a couple of dear friends, the Left is sinking its fangs into my country… and if I couldn’t pray, all this stuff would crush me flat. What do you say, folks, to prayers all around? On and off all day.

Sweet Hour of Prayer, written in 1845 and sung here by the Vagle Brothers, was one of my mother’s favorite hymns.

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