‘We Gather Together’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

I remember we used to sing this hymn in Sunday school, come Thanksgiving-time. “We Gather Together to ask the Lord’s blessing…” We have our friends and esteemed colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy, to play it for us today. Oh, this goes so far back for me!

‘We Gather Together’

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this hymn. I know I’ve been singing it, and hearing it sung, for every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember.

We Gather Together–performed by the Sanctuary Choir at the First United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

‘We Gather Together’

Welcome to Thanksgiving, 2020.

We Gather Together is an old Dutch hymn, first published in 1597. Would you believe we used to be allowed to sing this in school?

We thank the Lord there are still things, all of His provision, to be thankful for.

‘We Gather Together’

Of course I’ll post this again on Thanksgiving, but it’s never the wrong time to hear We Gather Together–especially now that the villains are trying to forbid it. Christians have been singing this hymn since 1597. This rendition is by the Joslin Grove Chorale Society. Background sets by God the Father.

‘We Gather Together’ (Take 2)

I hope no one minds another take on my favorite Thanksgiving hymn, We Gather Together. I couldn’t resist the background sets: the Lord does beautiful work, doesn’t He? First published in Holland in 1597, sung here by the Joslin Grove Choral Society. I remember singing this in school. I’d rather not know what they’re singing there now.

By Request, ‘We Gather Together’

Requested by Joshua, We Gather Together, sung a capella by GLAD.

For me this is the Thanksgiving hymn. We sang it in Sunday school. We even sang it in public school: it was before “educators” and “judges” figured out what harm it does children to believe in God. I put quotes around those words on purpose. Shame on us for letting them impose their will on us.


For Thanksgiving: ‘We Gather Together’

I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without this beautiful old Dutch hymn, We Gather Together. Would you believe we used to sing this in school? Almost inconceivable nowadays, isn’t it? Oh, how much we’ve lost through foolishness!

‘We Gather Together’

We used to sing this, and other hymns, in school–in our neighborhood public school. We Gather Together was always sung to celebrate Thanksgiving. It made for a better world. Humbly seeking God and giving thanks to Him always makes a better world. It’s when we seek after man that things start to fall apart.

But God is nigh, always nigh, He does not forget His promises, He hears us when we pray–and that is ample reason to give thanks.

‘We Gather Together’

This traditional Thanksgiving hymn was written in 1597 to celebrate a great victory in the Dutch war for independence from Spain.

There is no end to the blessings for which we ought to give thanks to our God; and to try to count them ought to deeply move us.

Thanksgiving Hymn, ‘We Gather Together’

This old Dutch hymn, which has become traditionally associated with our Thanksgiving holiday, was first sung in 1597, giving thanks to God for victory in a battle for religious freedom. We may someday use it again for that purpose.

Well, Patty and I now have to head down the Garden State Parkway for Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house. Pray for us to come back alive! Affectionately nicknamed the Road of Death, the Parkway is incessantly under construction and relies on high-speed traffic and heart-stoppingly narrow lanes…

Gotta stop now, I seem to be hyperventilating.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.