J&J, ‘I’ll Fly Away’

This is a bonus hymn, an instrumental by our esteemed colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy: I’ll Fly Away. These two guys are very thoroughly loved around here. With young people like these (and others–you know who you are!), you just have to have hope for the future.

By Request, ‘In the Sweet By and By’

Requested by Erlene, a beloved old hymn, In the Sweet By and By–and I chose this instrumental version by our friends and colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy. It’s really quite beautiful, what they’ve done with it.

‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

Here’s one by our own Joshua and Jeremy–Holy, Holy, Holy: traditional hymn, none the worse for being played on two guitars. Maybe if we cheer these guys enough, they’ll sing a verse or two.

Joshua & Jeremy: ‘Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus’

I don’t know what time it is in Japan, so maybe our friends Joshua and Jeremy have gone to bed already. But we haven’t.

You want to know how Christianity works? Here is a Welsh hymn performed by two young men in Japan, and a video watched by Christians (and others) all over the world.

Now when are you guys gonna sing?

Joshua & Jeremy, ‘In the Sweet By and By’

That last political story left a bad taste in my mouth, but here’s an antidote–our own friends and fellow bloggers, Joshua and Jeremy, performing In the Sweet By and By. Beautiful! I feel better already. And maybe, if we cheer them on enough, they’ll sing for us someday.

Joshua & Jeremy, ‘I’ll Fly Away’

I really enjoy the way these two friends of ours play music. I’ll Fly Away is a traditional country him.

What do we have to do to get these guys to sing, too?

Two of Ours: ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Joy to the World’


I was wishing for some more Christmas music, and lo, our friends Joshua and Jeremy made some for us. Yes, they’re the same Joshua and Jeremy who comment on this blog fairly often.

Silent Night and Joy to the World–thanks, guys. Very nice!

(Note: The comments were not supposed to be off! I have just re-enabled them. WordPress has made it very easy to miss a step.)