We Has Got To Control what peeple Like!!

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We hadd a spacial meating of the Stodent Soviet “last nihght” to deemand A new Traning Work Shoppe to make Sure “alll” stodents thay like Illeagle Imbagrints!! We gotted the Idear fromb Rutgers but Rutgers thay “Didnt” make it Mandetorry but we wil!!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10882)

We aslo we whant to Check waht evry boddy saying on Socile Meadia so that noboddy saying nothing Bad abote Undoctamented Imbagrints!!and any boddy that does we wil Beet them Up “and” aslo put Them inta Sensativvity Traning till thare Minds thay are Rihght!!!

Yiu see thare wil Nevver ” be” Ture Socile Jutstus untill thare arent No more boarders aruond nacians And contrys and noboddy thay shuldnt  Be “aloud” not to like Things that Socile Jutstus sayes thay shuld bettter Like Or Else!!! and that dont go jist for Illeagle Imbagrints butt for evry Thing tooo!! Like how we Going “to” has a Perfict Whirld if peeple are Jist going “to” Not Like what us Interllecturals we tells them Thay has got “To” like??? No it dosnt make No sents!!

Rutgers thay has a Good Idear but It dosnt go Far Enuohgh! but hear At Our collidge “we” wil go As Far As “it” Takes!!

6 comments on “We Has Got To Control what peeple Like!!

  1. Yeah, you are a real intellectual (is that how it is spelled, smarty)?
    If what you say is true, we should just blow up the planet and get it over
    with. You interlectuels (or whatever) has messed it up beyonn receknishun already, .. much more could be said, but what’s the use?!

    1. Forget it, Erlene. You lost him at the first comma. The attention span of these people is considerably less than that of an ADD goldfish. 🙂

  2. It seems to me that in the first line, Joe got closer to being right than he ever has before. He just misspelled ‘spacial’ – it should have been ‘spatial’. They’re all space cadets!

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