I’d Rather Stay Free

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The new all-purpose salutation is “Stay safe,” and I don’t much like it. I mean… how safe? One hundred percent risk-free?

If by “Stay safe” they mean be extraordinarily risk-averse, tremble in fear of germs here, germs there, germs everywhere, and always believe and obey The Government no matter how many times they’re caught lying and cheating–if that’s what “Stay safe” is getting at, I think the polite reply ought to be, “Thanks, but I’d rather stay free.”

If people are going to give up their freedoms, they ought at least be forced to think about it. (“Honest, we’ll give you back your freedom as soon as we can guarantee a germ-free environment–you have our word on it!”)

Meanwhile, they’re saying almost half of America is in favor of “vaccine passports”–that is, you lose your freedom of movement unless you can prove you’ve had your COVID shot. This is unprecedented in American history, uproariously unconstitutional–and you can bet Democrats are licking their lips over it and just can’t wait to lay it on us.

Freedom is easy to lose, but hard to get back.

4 comments on “I’d Rather Stay Free

  1. Freedom and safety are on opposite ends of the spectrum. You can have freedom or you can have safety, but you can rarely have both as freedom entails a certain degree of risk. Our founding fathers valued freedom above all else, even life itself. Hence the saying, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

  2. Remember when they used to make movies about the weird eccentric germaphobe who was so terrified of germs, he never went outside and was scared of everything?

    Now, instead of being a tragic exception, we’re all supposed to be like that. 🙁

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