‘You’re Still a Racist’ (2016)

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I re-run this post from time to time to remind readers that “You’re all racists!” is a project that Far Left Crazy has been working on for quite a few years.

‘You’re Still a Racist’

Critical Race Theory, which aims at establishing the perpetual guilt of all white people and building a society founded on racial hatred, has been in the works for a long time. Here’s the “United Church of Christ” in 2016 hectoring its few dozen members to embrace their guilt. I wonder if anyone still belongs to the UCC; it might’ve been completely deserted by now.

Flatline churches have been a national disease for a long, long time.

3 comments on “‘You’re Still a Racist’ (2016)

  1. Racism has existed forever, and all the yelling, having tantrums and throwing fits is NEVER going to end it. People are different. They look different, think differently, talk differently and ARE different. Within those different groups, there are people with tolerant view and those without. Until the Lord returns and re-creates the way the world works, all of man’s puny efforts to straighten it out will definitely fail. Being tolerant is the best we can hope for.

  2. 52% of murders in America are committed by black people, yet they are only 13% of the population – and whites are the bad guys. Does that make sense? In Christ we are all one, so al always, Christ is the answer.

  3. UCC is off the rockers liberal. So true what you said “Flatline churches have been a national disease for a long, long time.”

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