‘How to Stop a Rapist: Use The Force’ (2016)

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See? All you gotta do is hold up your hands, and the bad guys are toast!

A few years ago Western Europe had a rape epidemic; and most of the perps were Muslim “asylum seekers.”

Here’s what one idiot in Finland suggested be done about it.

How to Stop a Rapist: Use ‘The Force’

Yeah! Just do like the Jedi Knights do in Star Wars! The fact that the whole thing is a Hollywood fantasy shouldn’t deter anyone for a moment.

My sensei used to groan when people came to his dojo wanting to learn “them jumpin’, spinnin’ kicks” that they saw all the time in movies. Do people really not understand that movies aren’t real?

But it does offer governments a way to get away with stupid and insane policies that wreck their countries .

Too bad there’s no “Force” that would get them out of office!

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  1. There are an amazing number of people that do not seem to realize that movies are not real. The Star Wars movies were very entertaining, but they are classic tales of good vs evil and might as well have had Errol Flynn as a swashbuckling hero, when it comes to realism. These are tales, full of movie magic, and the story lines imply the harnessing of superhuman force which can be utilized for good, or for bad.

    It would be great to have such an ability. Imagine being able to stop the hand of an evildoer and thus prevent a crime, or even a war. Actually, that is a major plot feature in the Star Wars franchise, Jedis whom use The Force for good and villains whom avail themselves of the Dark Side of The Force, in order to oppress. Great drama, but lousy reality.

    If we contemplate what life was like before the Fall, God gave Adam terrestrial responsibilities and equipped him with terrestrial abilities. Simply put, even before the Fall of the Human Race, Adam did not wield any superhuman Force. If he wanted to till the ground, he had to use his physical strength to accomplish this. While in the realm of the Creator, there may be some capabilities which would seem amazing to us as humans, there is no scriptural implication that such capabilities were ever in the hands of mankind, and that’s a good thing. Imagine what life would be like if we were up against bad guys that could hold up their hand and paralyze our actions.

    Humans have an inner yearning to live the life mankind had before the Fall. That is natural and explainable, but will only be attained via redemption through Christ. But some of what we see amounts to longing for something that never was. We are flesh and blood, and in that state, we do not command any external “Force”. We have power in prayer, but any actions via prayer remain under the control of our Maker.

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