‘Why Are Liberals Not Happy?’ (2016)

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The funny thing about this is, I wrote it less than a month before the 2016 elections. *Batteries Not Included was still; president of a country he hates and wants to “transform,” and all the nooze media and all the polls told us Hillary Clinton had a better than 90% chance to be our next president.

And yet the libs weren’t happy!

Why Are Liberals Not Happy?

Hoom-hom… Well, we saw how unhappy they were after that election!

Now they’ve stolen the country right out from under us, and they’re still miserable. There’s just no pleasing them.

And we’d be insane to try.

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  1. It brings to mind Proverbs 8:36 about loving death. For much of my life I thought that the Left and the Right was a difference of political philosophy, but it has morphed into much more throughout my lifetime. As I see it, the division is much more about whether one feels a true sense of accountability to the One True God. Do we blame our Creator for the ills of the world, or do we recognize His love and providence, even in the fallen state mankind finds itself in?

    Understanding that mankind is in a fallen state gives us a huge advantage in understanding the state of the world. We don’t have to anguish over the terrible things we see around us, because we understand not only the cause, but the solution. Throughout the ups and downs of my life, and the existential moments always find me coming back to one core question; is there a Creator? From that point, it comes dow to logic; does this Creator care about His creation and if so, what will He do to bring creation back to the state where He saw that it was good? The Bible explains all of this in a manner that makes sense and explains that the problem really comes down to whether we set the standards of right or wrong, or if God does. Without that understanding, there’s plenty to be mad about, but with that understanding one can find happiness, even in our fallen world.

  2. Exactly right. Without God in the equation, nothing makes sense and when that happens it frustrates people to the nth degree, and they go off the deep end. In the end, they know in their hearts that they are totally incapable of controlling and directing everything and that frustrates them to the point of anger.

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