‘We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore’ (2016)

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Five years ago, this was–the first small twitchings against tyrannical minorities who have seized control of our whole cotton-pickin’ country, just about, and were rubbing our faces in it. And yet here was proof that we were stronger than they–proof that we don’t have to let them bully us.

We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore!

Now, finally, at long last, regular decent people are getting way sick and tired of the whole “woke” movement–tired of being doxed, being silenced, being called racists, being blamed for everything that ever went wrong in any lefty loser’s stupid life–and are not not just twitching anymore, but standing up to fight it.

We don’t have to submit to Critical Race Theory, transgender horse-schiff, Green New Deal, CNN, and any and all of the rest! And let’s not stop with just ignoring it. Uproot it altogether, and cast it into the fire.

3 comments on “‘We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore’ (2016)

  1. It’s interesting to watch this shaping up. I have the feeling that people just want to get on with life. With the very real possibility that we in a Grand Solar Minimum, there’s more than a little reason to believe that we’ll be freezing for the next few decades.

  2. I can’t wait for the 2022 mid-term elections. It is a lot harder to cheat in Congressional races. I can just hear the MSM explaining why the Dems got creamed. Right now, they are using omicron variant to scare people into the need to do mail-in ballots.

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