By Request, ‘We Are Not Alone’

I have to thank Phoebe for requesting this–We Are Not Alone, sung by the Voice of Eden, our brothers and sisters in India.

As dark as things are, these days, what with the ungodly running wild and the wicked trying to set up global government…  Well, we are not alone, our God is with us!

And somehow I think of that invincible Assyrian army that invaded Judah in the days of Hezekia: “…And behold, they were all dead corpses.” Amen.

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  1. O, I love this singing group and the message is very true.
    I have a prayer request this morning. My great grandson, Beau Behrens age 19 months, has a skin condition that he brought home from daycare. Doctors can’t help, but say it lasts only about a week. His parents are praying and I am certainly praying with them, and I know that what docs cant do, the Lord can.

  2. Very nice song, well-done. I thought of a book by Johnnie Moore, “The Martyr’s Oath” (this is a book every Christian needs to read) when I heard this. There is great persecution of Christians in many parts of India. I am sure some of those who were singing have felt the hand of evil and hatred fall upon them, and yet can sing praises to God. There, they don’t just live for Jesus, they die for Jesus.

    1. Just with the members over-reaction to fear with Covid, use of certain big tech that I prefer not to use platforms from those Big Tech (we can look for alternative), spiritual apathy, non-attendance of church, dwindling fellowship, spiritual lives not good…

    2. Well, look how hard our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media Inc. works to stoke and fan that fear: them, and the Democrat Party, and the teachers unions. These are evil people serving evil. I pray the Lord will smite them but good.

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