‘Mischief in High Places’ (2017)

Get to Know Obama's Attorney General Pick: Loretta Lynch

Partners in crime

Remember Loretta Lynch? The Obama attorney general who wanted to chuck people into jail for “Climate Change Denial.” The one who spiked an investigation of Hillary Clinton. Yeah, that Loretta Lynch.

In 2017 she briefly burst into the headlines again, saying things were so intolerably awful with Donald Trump as president, there would have to be “blood in the streets.”

Mischief in High Places

Really, I don’t see how our civilization can possibly survive the current tsunami of crime, fanaticism, idiocy, and lust for power–all the product of our indescribably delinquent ruling class.

Heck, it took SloJo Biden no time at all to find an AG who’s even worse than Ms. Lunch…

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  1. As they say, a light shines brightest in the darkness. This is the time Christians need to shine the brightest. Evil ideas and beliefs are now clearly in the open, exposed for all to see. I don’t think there has ever been in our country, at least since the Civil War, such a division between two groups, Today, it’s God’s people and the children of the devil (two of the devil’s own are pictured above).

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