Good News: School ‘Equity’ Policy Nixed by Federal Judge

The Camden Enrollment System has a Thumb on the Scale | Stephen Danley | Rutgers University

Not that anybody really, truly needed a judge to tell us so, but as of last week, it’s official: the Fairfax County (Virginia) school board’s “equity policy” is, a federal court judge declared, “flatly illegal” (

What do schoolies mean by “equity”?

Well, in this case, “equity” means that wherever school officials find any group of whoever “under-represented” or “over-represented” in any aspect of school life, it’s probably the result of [trumpet fanfare] Systemic Racism–and it requires “positive” racial discrimination to correct it. For instance, if Asian kids make up, say, 15% of your student population, but 45% of your Advanced Placement science students–well hell’s bells, we can’t have that!!! Gotta weed some o’ them Asians out of AP! And replace them with kids who aren’t anywhere near as qualified… so then you’ve got to lower the standards and here we go again…

The judge issued a summary judgment against the schools’ “equity” baloney.

That means they have to stop.

Remember–it’s only “racism” when we do it! When they do it, it’s “equity.”

Down with public education. Make it go away.

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