What Do They Do with the Time They Steal from Us?

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Every year the elites steal an hour from the American people under the guise of “Daylight Savings Time.” That’s some 300 million hours swiped out of people’s lives once a year.

What do they do with all those hours that they’ve stolen?

Here are a few theories that have been suggested:

*Hunter Biden is selling them to China (with 10% for the Big Guy).

*George Soros is adding them to his life.

*The Clinton Foundation is collecting them to use as building blocks for an alternative universe in which Hillary is president.

*They’re tacking them onto Majuh League Baseball (TM) games to make them take longer.

*They keep adding them to John Kerry’s shelf-life. Otherwise he would’ve disappeared years ago.

Those are only five of the most likely explanations for this stupid thing they do to us every year. Please feel free to report any that you’ve heard.

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