‘Dumbing Down Princeton’ (2020)

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When they started shutting all the schools down in homage to King COVID, the Princeton University (P.U., P.U., we’re all for you!) stoodint noozepaper came up with a truly radical idea that’s only as old as the hills–

Dump the grading system and go to “pass/fail”!

Dumbing Down Princeton

“Hire me! I passed college!” Wow. Anything from an A+ to a D-… hot dog. Then again, what are the grades worth anymore? “I got a B+ in Polish Transgender Transactional Funambulist Studies!” Yeah, okay, you can be an air traffic controller.

Why do we still have colleges and universities?

Answer the question convincingly and win the Gold Mask of Tutankhamen.

4 comments on “‘Dumbing Down Princeton’ (2020)

  1. It’s just another money maker. No intention of educating anybody, only brain washing.

  2. Some faculty actually like pass/fail grading because it’s less work for them.

    By the way, I won’t be commenting much tonight and tomorrow — out of the house most of both days and too tired to sit up at the computer by the time I get home.

    1. I would imagine it’s a great deal less work! I was in one course where the prof allowed the students to grade themselves. Everybody got an A.
      (Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.)

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