Celebrity Bug-Eater!

Now it’s Nicole Kidman trying to get normal people to eat bugs. Apparently it finally occurred to the higher-ups that we groundlings aren’t going to eat creepy-crawlies when we never see The Favored Few doing it. So they got Kidman to do it.

Warning: This video is rather disgusting. Unless you’re a brainless movie star.

Sorry, but no thanks! We already know that actors will do anything, absolutely anything. So that’s not impressive. We’re waiting for John Kerry (or Obama or Gore or Hillary Clinton) to scarf down a handful of tent caterpillars. And then we’ll need some kind of proof that it really happened and wasn’t just special effects.

Hey, sunshine! You think it’s so great to eat bugs–go on, you eat ’em! And we can laugh at you for a change.

7 comments on “Celebrity Bug-Eater!

  1. Yuk. I’ve heard of people sitting around a camp fire on a camping trip eat a bug, but it was not intentional. The bug apparently fell out of a tree above them. Ruined the whole trip and they had to pack up and go home.

    1. I can’t think of this subject without thinking of Renfield in “Dracula”… flies and spiders for him.

    1. All they proved with that video is that actors will do anything… and don’t kiss Nicole Kidman, you don’t know where she’s been.

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