The Globalists’ Strategy: Make Us Crazy

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

Why do the globalists, why does the American Left, propose such wacky and perverse things as “transgender” and work so hard to shove them down our throats?

James Lindsay (right) leads a discussion aimed at answering that question.

Why all this crazy stuff? You set up “crazy” against “normal,” the two collide to produce a synthesis–and then the synthesis becomes the new “normal” and the Left produces a new “crazy” to be the new antithesis. The resulting new synthesis will be farther to the left than the last one. This is how they keep the culture and the politics always moving farther and farther to socialism (or whatever hell-hole they have in mind for us).

Shazzam! I get it now! No sooner had the Supreme Court imposed “gay marriage” on America than the whole “transgender” mania shifted into high gear. And you watch: when that gets shoehorned into the mainstream, they’ll come up with something more bizarre to take its place.

Leftism is, for all practical purpose, another religion opposed to Christianity. There’s no reasoning with it. And, says Lindsay, “It makes people permanently unstable” because you need ’em that way if you want to squash them under communism.

Now it makes sense. It’s not stupid. It’s evil. It’s not an ideology that they believe in: it’s a tool they use to **** our minds.


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  1. This is key to understanding so much of what’s going on. The leftist leaders own the terminology and use it as a weapon. Especially evil is their destruction of children’s innocence to wreak havoc in our families, which is unraveling our civilization. It’s frustrating that I have a lot of liberal relatives who actually believe all they’re told to believe, even though it’s constantly changing.

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