‘John Kasich: Theology Superstar’ (2015)

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Doubtless pondering another thorny problem of theology

Among Democrats who like to call themselves Republicans, there was no greater light in 2015 than John Kasich, the RINO from Ohio.

And he succeeded where everyone else has failed for thousands of years!

John Kasich: Theology Superstar

How do you get everybody into Heaven?

You get the government to do it!

If your tax money has gone to any government agency or program that has, uh, “helped” anyone… well, you’re in! They can’t keep you out of heaven.

And to think we had to rely on Jesus Christ!

3 comments on “‘John Kasich: Theology Superstar’ (2015)

  1. In Ohio we have been cursed with RINOs after RINOs as governors. I think the only reason people vote for them all the time is that the Democrats are so much worse. But I still haven’t figured out how the RINOs get through the primaries, considering how many complaints and even public protests there are about these RINOs. It probably has something to do with money and a lot to do with fraud.

  2. John Kasich used to be a conservative luminary but was found out to be a RINO when he ran for President. He, Biden, and Pelosi need to read the Bible very slowly and let its truth sink in, who knows they might get saved.

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