My Newswithviews Column, April 27 (‘Why Do They Want These Things?’)

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Just to take one example–If enough people pursue (and catch) “gender reassignment,” the human race goes extinct. And yet the Democrat Party and all leftids everywhere are crying out for more and more of it.


Why Do They Want These Things?

My editor says it’s because they are convinced that by tearing down our civilization, they will wind up at the top of the pyramid, enjoying unlimited power over others.

But what about the brainless little schlubs who rejoice in this insanity? They can’t believe they’re going to rule the world–can they?

It’s a horror, and it has to stop before it stops our species.

4 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, April 27 (‘Why Do They Want These Things?’)

  1. The zhlubs (as you call them, although Lenin preferred “useful idiots” and Shakespeare preferred “gulls”) really do think that they’re going to be one of the ruling elite, or at least the favored of the ruling elite. Shakespeare understood this too — viz. Rosencranz and Guildenstern, not really evil but seeing the King in a blinding royal dazzle and being dazzled themselves at being part of that dazzle (or so they think).

    Also, today’s zhlubs think of themselves as being smarter and more virtuous than those who object to or are outraged by what they’re doing. This has always been the case with the soi-disant avant garde. Think of all the “rebels” of previous decades who dressed and talked and behaved like the “artistes” or “revolutionaries” in order to get part of the glamour — and attention, even while being profoundly stupid and common.

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