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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Can They Really Sidestep the Constitution?

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First you rip up the State of the Union Speech, and then the Constitution

Can the states get together and chop a piece off the Constitution?

Democrats have made a lot of noise lately about abolishing the Electoral College, which protects 47 states from being dictated to by New York, California, and Illinois. Because there’s no longer any meaningful instruction in civics anywhere, most people don’t understand what the Electoral College is, how it works, and why we need it. That makes them easy prey to pious babblings about “making the country more democratic.”

So a bunch of blue states, Democrat states, have this thing going, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact: by which, if they get enough states signed up, they can completely overturn the purpose of the Electoral College by providing for all the electoral votes of any state to go to the candidate that wins the popular vote, nationally–no matter how the people in that state may have voted. This is an end run around the Constitution.

For the sake of simplicity, what does the Constitution actually say? Do you need to go to law school for 17 years before you can begin to understand it? Let’s just see what it says (

Article 1, Section 10–we are interested primarily in the third clause, which says:

“No state shall, without the consent of Congress… enter into any agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power…”

I don’t think that’s so hard to understand. Do you? Like, the whole section is merely saying that states aren’t allowed to act like independent countries.

An immense amount of pettifogging lawyer lingo has sprung up around these clear and simple words, so that now no one is sure whether or not the states can drastically alter the Constitution without going through the amendment process. Our founders purposely made the amendment process long and difficult, so that foolish things should not be done in the heat of the moment–historically, a fatal failing of “democracy.”

But because our education system is a bad joke played on us, every day, by radicals, most people know very little, if any, of our country’s history, virtually nothing of her founding documents, and have little or no appreciation of what those things are that make the United States uniquely great among all the other countries in the world.

Trust me on this: you absolutely don’t want to trade our Constitution for the United Kingdom’s. Or anybody else’s. The United States grew great because it was different! And one of the most important factors in that difference was our Constitution. As written! As duly amended! And certainly not as “re-imagined” by slippery, conniving liberals and their sleazy lawyers.

Besides which, you’d think just about anyone would be smart enough, when he hears liberals recommend we do something, to realize that doing the very opposite is always best.

Well, Now What?

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G’day, I guess. Byron the Quokka here, doing nothing. The comment contest’s over and now there’s no work for me to do. Can’t start another one because if you have these contests going all the time, Lee sez they lose their event character.

“What?” says I.

“That’s political science talk,” says he. “It means they get boring if you do them all the time. Not special anymore.”

Well, he could’ve said that right up front, couldn’t he? He’d better watch out, or he’ll be turning into Joe Collidge one of these days–

[Pauses dramatically]

Ho, there! Just a blinkin’ minute!

I think I just had a brainstorm.

What if a bunch of us quokkas got together… and started a college? What an idea! Rottnest U.! We could all be professors. We could give out degrees. Hold Clue tournaments. Have a slapjack team.

Thinking, thinking…

‘Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed’ (2016)

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Right up to the end of the Obama regime, they were plotting mischief–doubtless in the belief that President Hillary Clinton would give them the green light to continue wrecking the country.

One of their bolder schemes was to have the entire population tested for depression.

God spared us a Hillary Clinton presidency, so nothing ever came of this. But I wonder–

Would they have discovered all 300 million of us were depressed?

And would they take the hint, and go away?

‘To God Be the Glory’

This was the first hymn that popped into my head today, so this is the first hymn I’m posting–To God Be the Glory, sung by the choir and congregation at The Church of God. I hope you like the way they sing it.

By Request, ‘What Wondrous Love is This’

I meant to post this for Joshua this morning, but somehow it slipped away from me. So here it is now, requested by Joshua, performed by Fernando Ortega–What Wondrous Love Is This. Quite beautiful, really.

Follow the Bouncing Bison

This is something we don’t get to see much of, here in New Jersey. Several people in my neighborhood have trampolines in the back yard, but you never see anyone, human or animal, using them.

The bison in this video clearly wants to use the trampoline, and is just as clearly miffed not to find it in working order. He acts like he’s used a trampoline before, but it’s possible he’s only trying to give that impression.

And the Winner Is…

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And the winner of the comment contest is–


Watchman posted Comment No. 56,000 here a few minutes ago. That’s me, Byron, and some little quokka named Horace watching him sail across the finish line.

The prize is an autographed copy of His Mercy Endureth Forever, which has not been published yet but should be coming soon. But you can have an earlier book in the series, if you like–just let us know which one. When we’re ready to mail your prize, we’ll ask for your mailing address.


And that takes care of the contests for a while!

Free Speach It is A thrett To Freeedim!!!

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Sumboddy thay toled me “that” Ohigho thay passt “a” Law that sayes thare got “to” Be Free Speach at All The Collidges and campasses al over,; this It Is tearable News!!!!!

Fourtchunitly “the” Amairickan Assacion Of Unavercity Preffessers thay has comed Out aginst It!!! becose thay Know thare isnt No grater Thrett “to” Freeedim than Free Speach!!!!

Now a lott “of” Ordrinary dum peeple thay cant figger that out becose thay “are” Not Interllecturals like us are butt “that” “is” OK becose We “are” Interllecturals and we has got “it” figgured Out so that al them dum peeple thay dont has to Thinck abote it,, we done al thare Thinckin fore themb!!! this hear Is wye yiu shood alyaws lissen to Unavercity Preffessers!

So nhow we has Got “to” pretect  our Collidge fromb Free Speach and ownly Allow Socile Jutstus Speach and aslo Scyence!!! Iff we dont,, then thare whil Be “all sortes” Of bad no-good stinkin Speach by racists and Biggits whith Trans Fobier!!!! Thare whil Evin be Climbit Chainge De Nile probbly.

Thare Can be No troo Freeedim iff thare “is” aslo Free Speach!!!!!! one Oar “the” Otther it has Got To Go!!!!!!!

Al “of” us hear In “the” Stodent Soviet we gatherd Rowned “the” Statchoo of Pressadint Obamma and beggded himb To Cumb Back And “be” Pressadint sum Moar and then we singed We “Are” “The” Whirld and we aslo askded himb to Maike Hillery Pressadint tooo!!! I stil cant figgur Out how com “that” thare Impeachmint it didnt Whork!!! it must Of bin Para Normal stufff!


‘Fighting for America’s Soul: How Sweeping Change Threatens Our Nation’ (2009)

See the source image

Robert Knight has been a kind of mentor to me. He played a pivotal role in getting me started in the work I do now.

Fighting for America’s Soul is one of several books Bob wrote while he was with Coral Ridge Ministries. It was an urgent book in 2009. It still is, today.

By 2009 we were into the Obama regime and Far Left Crazy was working furiously to “re-make America” in its own perverted image. And that was before they came up with the transgender revolution. The author wondered if it was too much change, too fast, and whether the American people would wake up in time to save their liberties and way of life.

Did we wake up in time, by electing Donald Trump? We don’t know. But I think we do know that we need to re-elect him; and then, four years later, we’ll have to fight the battle all over again, keeping Far Left Crazy from seizing control of the government and picking up where they left off in 2016–only this time with a ferocious vengeance. Heaven forbid we should have to see it.


School’s Flag Ban Fails

Image result for images of pickup truck with american flag

“Against the rules”? Really?

An “administrator” at Franklin County High School in Virginia this week told students they couldn’t fly the American flag from their pickup truck because the flag is “potentially offensive and disruptive” (

“Offensive” to whom? A bunch of citizen-of-the-world wannabes posing as “educators”? Who else in America is offended by the American flag?

So the next day the students staged a whole “caravan” of pickups flying the American flag–and the school backed down. You know: like they always do, whenever the public shows a little backbone. That night the school principal called the student to apologize for “a big misunderstanding.” Oh, so that’s what it was? Not just another case of commie creeps running a public school against the best interests of the public?

The only thing “public” about public education is that the undefended public has to pay for it. We pay, we pay, and then we pay some more. But we have no say in who gets to teach at these schools that we pay for, or what gets taught. All we do is pay.

One of the all-time sucker deals.

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