Byron’s TV Listings, Oct. 16

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G’day, mates! Byron the Quokka here. Welcome to another weekend of fantastic TV viewing brought to you by Quokka University. We seem to have missed our deadline for offering courses, but never mind–TV’s more fun. Here’s a brief sample of what we’ve got lined up for you.

9:00 P.M.   Ch. 08   SCHMOE FOR A DAY–Game Show

Patterned after the classic “Queen for a Day,” the contestant who tells the most horrible sob story gets to be Schmoe For A Day, complete with propeller hat. Last week’s schmoe, the guy with all the leeches in his swimming pool, tonight defends his title against a pitiful old lady who has a monster living in her kitchen sink. Host: A former Turkish politician concealing his identity.

Ch. 12   MY FRIEND FRANCO–Sitcom

The ghost of the former Spanish dictator (Bill Dana) haunts Debbi DuBuque (Capucine)–but he’s awfully good at solving her boyfriend problems! This week: Can the Generalissimo engineer a fatal accident for Chester (Dennis Weaver) without the police getting involved? Officer Mike: Ed McMahon.


Instructor Fong Hsueh-ting can teach you virtually incomprehensible language dialects, puzzling even to persons who regularly speak them. Are you tired of people understanding what you say? Dr. Fong can fix that! Featuring the June Taylor Dancers. Song: “Du Gwangst Mihr Hsiao Gebleben.”

9:30 P.M.  Ch. 16  GNUSMOKE–African Western

Imagine James Arness’ confusion when he showed up for work in his U.S. Marshal’s costume only to find himself cast as a game warden in East Africa! Gotta read those contracts more carefully, Jimbo! This show was briefly famous for the friction between Arness and his co-star, Liberace–and cancelled after Liberace pushed Arness into the crocodile tank! With Gorilla Monsoon and his orchestra.

Ch. 48   EL BORRACHO!–Western/Romance

Who’s that tireless fighter for justice who keeps walking into the wall instead of out the door? It’s “El Borracho” (Frank Botox), feared by bad guys from Paraguay to Oman, or wherever else he winds up. Nancy Kwolvczek plays “Dona Pupitre,” El Borracho’s lady love. This week: Sgt. Fernandez (Jackie Chan) thinks he has evidence that will send El Borracho to the gallows. If they can find the gallows.

Well, there you go! Is that great TV, or what? Grab a eucalyptus leave and settle down! We are gonna see magic!

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Phony ‘Social Scientist’ Exposed–By Me

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In 2005 The London Times made a stir by reporting on a paper by a “social scientist” that supposedly “proved” that the Christian religion is harmful to any nation that believes in it.

It took a lot of digging and interviewing, but eventually the truth came out: the whole thing was phony.

For one thing, the guy was not a social scientist. He was a free-lance illustrator of books about dinosaurs. For another, the “scientific journal” in which he published his findings was very far from being major league. And for another, his findings were ca-ca.

My report is a little long, but it’s thorough and I hope you read it. I think it does show what we’re up against.

To wit, lies and flim-flam.

Looking back on it, I’m amazed by the candor with which the Times reporter, Ruth Gledhill, answered all my questions. Today I’m afraid they’d just call me a Hater-Biggit and double down on their lies. But in 2005 there was still some vestige of professionalism left in nooze reporting.

‘Cwm Rhondda’ (‘Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah’)

This hymn, Cwm Rhondda, has become something like an unofficial Welsh national anthem. I’m not Welsh, but it was very much with me last night: so I felt I had to post it in the morning. We also know it as Bread of Heaven or Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah. I am sure most churches have it in their hymnals.

Sung here by the Orpheus Choir Morriston.


A Peek into Paradise

Baby deer, baby human–and love at first sight. I mean, I’ve approached wild deer–living here in this town, they have to get used to people–but never ventured to pet one. It would just run away.

Look at this, though. Take a good look. When God’s finished re-creating His Creation, it just might look like this.

Another School Board Group Jumps Ship

Parents, pols slam FBI probe into CRT-related harassment in schools

Another school board association has severed its ties with the National School Boards Assn. in the wake of the NSBA calling on the FBI to “investigate” parents (!) as possible “domestic terrorists” (

The Pennsylvania SBA called the NSBA’s action “the final straw” and voted unanimously to end its membership in the larger group.

In plain English, Pennsylvania says the NSBA’s reaction–to parents who’ve been showing up at public school board meetings to object to the Far Left curricula imported into their schools, which they pay for–has poisoned relations between the boards and the communities they’re supposed to serve. Honk if you believe they serve you. The national association is making all the school board associations look bad.

Louisiana, Virginia, and now Pennsylvania–that’s three, probably with more to come.

Thing is, guys–what with your packing the school curriculum with Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, “down with America” bogus history… well, it’s impossible for us to believe you have ever had the communities’ interests at heart. Looks more like the only thing you ever cared about was stuffing your Far Left agenda down our children’s throats. The NSBA’s “Boo-hoo, we’re victims!” blarney really was the last straw for a lot of us.

I know I’ve been hitting this hard lately, at the risk of boring my readers; but we really do have to get out from under the public education establishment–which has proved, over and over again, to be hostile to the American people who fund their shabby schools.

All we do is pay and pay and pay, without any say in what gets taught or who teaches it–and that’s wrong.

We Nead Ownly Grean Ennorgy!!! Desperate Enterprises Sinclair Dino Gasoline Tin Sign, 11.75"  Diameter : Home & Kitchen

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He sayed “it is jist” lyke Trans-zitchining yore Ginder!!!!

Whell! We shure Cant “shut” himb daown nhow!!!! He “is” Enviermentally Hipp!!!

Elect Normal People!

Group protests Critical Race Theory at Fort Worth ISD school board meeting

By now it must be obvious even to the trees along the sidewalk that our local school boards are jam-packed with Far Left wackos who want to fundamentally transform our country into a Third World socialist basket case. These people, whom we so trustingly elected, have got the whole package–Critical Race Theory, mask mandates, transgender propaganda, anti-American pseudo-history, and so much more.

They are not on our side. They are supposed to represent us, but they don’t.

They have to be voted out of office. One at a time, or in bunches, whatever we can do. They’ve got to go.

As a reporter, I covered many local school board elections. In smaller school districts, it’s really not that hard to get elected to the board. Not that many people bother to vote. In a certain town I used to cover, a man was elected to the school board with five write-in votes–a little prank by his drinking buddies. The point is, a candidate’s friends, family, and neighbors can probably elect him to the school board.

We should be doing a lot of that! Wackos out, sane people in. People who are not interested in teaching racial fear and hatred or turning boys into girls.

In large school districts, of course, the job will be more difficult. Normal people will have to organize. The characters they have currently on the board are interested in pushing through their evil and stupid Far Left agenda, and you can be sure they’re in cahoots with the teachers’ union–one hand washes the other. So here the community must come together to boot the leftids out of office.

Remember–they won’t listen to you, they don’t give a fig for your concerns, they think you’re all just racists and antediluvian dummies, and they’ve sicked the FBI on parents who object to their Far Left curriculum. They don’t represent you. They represent only their agenda.

Even better would be for all the normal people to pull their children out of public school and let the leftids preach to empty classrooms. Homeschooling is better and more affordable than ever.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

Memory Lane: ‘Soldier Boy’

Something, some spirit, called up this song from deep in my memory–a vision of a summer day, and a trip to the shore with my grandparents (it would be my introduction to surf-fishing)… with Soldier Boy, by The Shirelles, playing on the car radio. And oh, how I wanted to be back there again!

I grew up in a world of men and women. Now it’s a world dominated by freaks and villains who deny there ever was a past. Nothing good existed until they came along!

I can at least get back for two minutes or so. All aboard for the Jersey Shore, 1962.

‘The Diversity Ice Cream Shop’ (2017)

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Now that we have a–well, they’re calling him a “president”, who poses as a connoisseur of ice cream cones, and thereby fascinates our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media, it’s high time we revisited the Diversity Ice Cream Shop.

The Diversity Ice Cream Shop

By gum, there is only one permitted flavor and heaven help you if you even think about asking for another! If you try that, you’re just asking for a visit to the back room and a beat-down.

One flavor, one vaccine, one political party, one health care plan, one opinion only on any conceivable subject–that’s diversity! And we’ll achieve it if it kills us.

Which it just might.


‘Joy to the World’

Yes, I know, I know it’s not Christmas yet. But there was this Fountainview Academy video of Joy to the World sitting there and saying, “Post me, come on, post me!” So I did.

This is a gorgeous production, and I’m not ashamed to say it brought a tear of joy to my eye.