Slime from the Swamp

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Dig this resume.

The guy was a witness in the bogus “Russian Collusion” probe, pleaded guilty to funneling foreign funds into America’s 2016 election ($3.5 million to Hillary, via the United Arab Emirates: against the law, you know), and on top of it all, “is a convicted child sex predator” ( Seems he brought a 14-year-old boy over from the Czech Republic and used him as a sex toy for some years.

Point is, this sleaze artist, this slime-ball from the Swamp, had access to the highest levels of America’s politics (yes, he tossed sops to Republicans, too). Anyhow, now he’s pleaded guilty to “an illegal scheme” to pump money into Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential strivings, and they have to decide how long he ought to stay in prison.

“Yeahbut, yeahut! It’s just lobbyin’, and they do it all the time! Everybody does it!”

We need to be governed by persons who don’t stink.


Michigan Dems to Parents: Butt Out of ‘Education’

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“I’ll do the teaching around here! Just shut up and pay your school tax!”

Every now and then, truth is inadvertently told. Even by Democrats.

This weekend, the “Michigan Democratic Party” posted on Twitter an assertion that parents of kids in public schools should just zip their lips and let the “educators” teach the children “what society needs them to know” ( And hey! “[T]he client of the public school is not the parents, but the entire community, the public.” (“Ain’t your kids, Thumper! Them kids belong to the Village!”)

The public didn’t like it, though; so “the Michigan Democratic Party” hastily deleted the post and pretended to be sorry for it.

But hey, parents! Yeah, you–the poor suckers who pay for world history’s costliest  and most underachieving education system.

Have you not yet caught onto the fact that these “educators,” these Far Left teacher unions, despise you? And want to change your way of life? Why are you letting them “teach” your children?

Explain that if you can!


‘A New Low in Political Campaigning’ (2018)

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Here’s another one of those nooze stories that made a stir for a little while and then dissolved into nothing.

A New Low in Political Campaigning

Bad enough that the next political campaigning season now starts the day after Election Day. But “Vote for me because I don’t have a penis”? I wonder if that was ever discussed on Meet the Press.

This was for attorney general of Michigan. It must be an astonishingly easy job.

‘How Firm a Foundation’

Still sitting here groggy, still sick…

How about an old-fashioned hymn, done the old-fashioned way? How Firm a Foundation, by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band–yes, that’s the ticket.

Free Spirits! (Squirrels)

One of the joys of life in eastern North America is… squirrels.

We love to watch them wrestling with twigs, tackling their own tails, jumping up and down, spinning around–and why do they do it?

Because they’re squirrels and it suits them just fine!

Salt Lake City Trib Goes Full Fascist

They call it “our democracy” (LOL)

Oh, those nooze media! Where do they get these people?

The Salt Lake City Tribune has run an editorial calling for National Guard troops to be brought in to keep unvaccinated persons “not [to] be allowed, well, anywhere” (

What? Will they shoot you if you set foot outdoors?

How long would the Trib (aptly named, isn’t it? “Trib” for “tribulation”) want this to last? Until there are no more germs around? Until everyone in Utah is shot up with experimental drugs that are currently killing people? Or just until the editors get tired of it and want to move on to some new experiment in totalitarianism?

What are they doing with these students in the journalism schools?

And then they wonder while normal people hate and distrust the noozies.

The Return of… Oh, Holy Cow!

Charlie Brown, Lucy…and that football | The People's Therapist

I think I hear a coffin creaking open.

Maybe Dick Morris is last year’s potatoes, but he’s out there this week forecasting another presidential run for Hillary Clinton ( ‘Cause she has this “brilliant strategy,” see, and anyway there’s nobody else sitting on the Democrat bench, etc.

First she lost to a freshman senator from Illinois whom most Americans had never heard of. Then she lost to a rich guy whose presidential run was his first venture into politics. She has sort of a habit to losing to newcomers.

Well, fine! Run her as many times as it takes to destroy the Democrat Party. She is a profoundly unlikable character, nobody in his right mind trusts her, she’s spectacularly corrupt… Oh, yes, Democrats! Go for it. This time it’s bound to work. This time you’re really gonna kick the football.

You’d think a party with millions of people in it could generate at least one major candidate who was not a crook, an idiot, a wacko, a jidrool, or a nitwit

But Hillary Clinton is all these things…


Off to a Flying Start!

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Work for the extinction of the Democrat Party–this year!

We were afraid Virginia’s new Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, would turn out to be another waste-of-space, hands-across-the-aisle RINO.

We were wrong!

Youngkin is already off to a great start as governor ( In his first week in office, he signed executive orders 1) against mask mandates, 2) against vaccine requirements, and 3) against teaching racism in schools.

Note that No. 3 had to be phrased carefully because the Far Left teachers’ unions claim they aren’t teaching “Critical Race Theory.” Yeah. All they do is change the freakin’ name. Because they think we’re too stupid to catch on to that.

The new attorney general is showing some of the right moves, too. Suddenly Virginia’s not a woke-a-thon.

Really, brothers and sisters, this has to be the year we put the Democrat Party out of business forever. Yes, something else just as bad will come along to take its place, because leftism and hyper-humanism arise from Original Sin and there’s no getting rid of that until Jesus Christ returns. But we have to do what we can with the time we’re given. Sleeves up, heads down, and work!

‘Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture’ (2019)

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It’s winter, it’s terribly cold outside–so naturally you notice it when a naked man comes walking along. Is that his dog he’s walking? Well, he just turned around and bit the dog… He bit an off-duty FBI guy, too, before the cops could subdue him.

Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture

There’s an awful lot of weird behavior going around, isn’t there? Were there always thousands and thousands of loons out there, or does our current culture breed them?

Like mosquitoes in a tank of stagnant water…


Bang Head Against Wall GIFs | Tenor

I don’t know if I can even describe this mess.

My wife has COPD. If she doesn’t have her medicine, she doesn’t breath.

Recently we changed our drug plan from Wal-Mart to CVS. CVS was going to be cheaper, and there’s a brand-new CVS store just a couple blocks from our home. I could walk there. And the store could hardly be in a more favorable location–and with its own parking lot, too.

So naturally when she called today to renew her presecription… the brand-new, months-old, state-o’-the-art CVS store was shut down, closed, out of business, kaput, bye-bye–!

Crikey! What about all that paperwork we had to do? Months of it! Will it all have to be done over?

I mean, imagine it! You’re a clerk at CVS, a brand-new store; and you show up for work this morning and the place is out of business.

We have no idea what to do now.