At Least This Slob Got Fired

Eastern Bluebird | Outdoor Alabama

No, I will not post an image of a lewd text message. Here’s a nice bluebird instead.

No institution in our country is immune from culture rot. Baseball, for instance…

The New York Mets have fired their general manager for incessantly harassing a female sports reporter with lewd and salacious text messages, including “vulgar photos” ( The woman came to America from another country because she wanted to be a baseball reporter. She has since gone back home and given up her career–anything to get away from this Anthony Wiener wannabe.

Let’s hear it for our national character.

Since 2016 the guilty party peppered her with “graphic, uninvited text messages.”

He has confessed to “an error in judgment.”

How can you make the same error in judgment a thousand times? Uh, like, what you say and do reveals your personality. We salute the Mets for canning him. If no one enforces the standards, then a society has no standards.

But once you get around to stealing a presidential election, is there any crime, any moral turpitude, any corrupt act, that’s off the table?

They Mean to Eat Us Alive

Parler: Everything you need to know about the banned conservative social  media platform

Not so fast there, boyo…

The CEO of Apple this past weekend admitted that he and his Big Tech playmates silenced Parler because they didn’t like what people were posting on it (

CEO Tim Cook revealed Big Tech’s collusion against Parler, saying it was done because of “incitement concerns.” He didn’t bother to define “incitement.” It means anything they want it to mean. It means being out of step with Far Left Crazy.

“We don’t consider that free speech,” Cook said. Free speech is lib speech, no other kind.

So Parler barely got out of the starting gate before Big Tech shot it down. Too much free speech, don’t you know. We don’t want the proles questioning Mandates. “By Order of the Governor” means shut up and obey.

Our country has been conquered by an alliance between Big Tech and Dirty Politics.

What will happen when they find out they can’t trust each other?

Have We Been Canceled?

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You know that feeling you get when you step into quicksand and it suddenly sucks you down? Well, all right, you probably don’t know that feeling.

For all of November and December, and the first half of this month, this blog was cruising along, setting records, vews galore–and these last three days, glug-glug-glug! And I really have to wonder if some creepy little person out there has found a way to flatten our tires. Can they do that?

There is no question that they want to do it. Let’s silence everybody who’s not the Far Left Crazy! Because COVID!

Sorry if I sound a little paranoid. It seems to be the temper of the times.

‘Bashin’ Fashion’

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Where does the demand come from, for groteque fashions that make people look like zombies or space aliens? Does anybody actually wear this stuff?

Bashin’ Fashion

We think we can do anything we damned well please to our culture and get away with it, nothing bad will happen. We couldn’t be more wrong. You can’t embrace the dark side without getting sucked into it.

‘I am Thine, O Lord’

How about a Fanny Crosby hymn to start the day? I am Thine, O Lord, sung by the choir at the Technical University of Mombasa.

God has raised up brothers and sisters for us all over the world–and us for them.

Public Service Message: These Are Not Real Puppies

A number of people have expressed confusion over whether the large salamanders called “mud puppies” really are puppies. Sometimes this leads to unsuitable gifts for small children.

Real puppies are warm and fluffy and playful. Mud puppies are cold, wet, and apt to bite really hard. There is no truth to the belief that they grow up into dogs. Mud puppies they are, and mud puppies they shall remain.

You are unlikely to find real puppies swimming around under the ice in winter. What you’d be seeing under those circumstances are almost certain to be mud puppies.

And there really is no point in trying to train them to do tricks. They don’t like it.

Dogs and Snow and Lovin’ It!

Dogs have a gift for joy: they really do. And it’s a cheering thing, to watch them playing in the snow. There’s even a dog in here who knows how to operate a toboggan. That’s more than can be said for some people.

Encore: ‘How to Keep a Toddler from Going Up the Stairs’

The angry dog breed sheltie | Angry dog, Dogs, Sheltie

I have to write a Newswithviews column, but first… a little fun.

How to Keep a Toddler from Going Up the Stairs

How did my grandma ever think of this ploy? It really worked! What? Go up the stairs–with the Mick-Mock up there waiting for me? Not a chance!

But I find myself wondering if any more of our fears are, like the Mick-Mock, just something that somebody made up to keep us from doing whatever they didn’t want us to do. Think… oh… Climate Change.

Sanity Break: ‘In the Sweet By and By’

I don’t know about you, but I need a sanity break. I need a hymn–and this one has moved me to tears. This is the one I wanted.

In the Sweet By and By, performed by our own dear friends and colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy Swanson–yes, this is the one I wanted.  I pray it works for you, too.

If This Were a Tom Clancy Novel…

White House protests: Military troops raise questions of control in DC

National Guard troops are pouring into Washington, D.C.–more than 25,000 of them so far–with our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. hysterically babbling about “pro-Trump extremists” gonna stop the inauguration of our fraudulently elected president (

If this were a Tom Clancy novel (I’m not saying that it is), all of this would be a prelude to a staged “insurrection,” shoot a few people they want dead anyway, and used as an excuse to stamp out what’s left of our freedom. Our fake nooze media will blow it up into a national crisis justifying anything and everything the Democrats want to do to us, our courts will continue to refuse to hear evidence–and what can we do? “When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3)

I don’t like to entertain such thoughts, but events have imposed them on me. They have to control our lives “because COVID” etc. I feel a burning shame that this could have been done so easily.

God help us. There’s no one left for us, O Lord, but you.

We pray for truth and sanity to prevail, not knowing if they can.