First Amendment? What First Amendment?

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Not in California, baby!

If you can’t shut people up, the next best thing, maybe even the best thing, if you’re a dictator, is to compel them to say what you want them to say–or else. At the very least, you destroy their self-respect: makes it easier to control ’em.

And that brings us to California’s community colleges, where aspiring teachers are “required” (they love that word) to teach “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility,” and, of course, “anti-racism”–a euphemism for racism directed against white people (

“Faculty and staff shall (“shall” means “have to”) employ instructional practices and curriculum that reflect DEIA and anti-racism principles.” Oh! And they’ve also got to put “a social justice lens across all disciplines.”

See that? I found another public education outrage without having to look for it. Straight from the California Community College Administration. Every lesson in every subject is to be laced with Far Left Crazy dogma.

Is this blatantly unconstitutional? Or would you prefer “flagrantly”?

It’s “Red for Ed”! On steroids. And all on the taxpayers’ dime, too.

We are paying these people to assassinate our country.


Salvation Army Shifts to ‘Damage Control’

Sorry, guys, but it’s got your logo on it.

When people learned the Salvation Army (say it ain’t so!) had turned hard left and was pushing “woke” doctrine on its personnel, they didn’t like it–not one bit. And so the donations started to dry up–especially with the Army saying white people ought to “lament, repent, and apologize” for being white.

Now they’re trying to wriggle out of it–while at the same time continuing to pursue it (

So the Army says they have “withdrawn”–what does that actually mean?–its controversial “guide” book, Let’s Talk About Racism. (I have a better idea: let’s not!)

Yeah, well, guys, anybody can say “I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” Just saying so is not good enough. You have to show you mean it.

*Fire “General” Peddle, or whatever his name is. This “anti-racist” fiasco was his baby. He’s got to be chucked out with it.

*Fire “instructors” and consultants who were involved in this. Fire anybody who had anything to do with it.

*Publicly disavow and disown any publications paid for by the Salvation Army in aid of promoting the real and ranting racism that goes by the name of “anti-racism.” It’s just a euphemism for hating white people.

*Publicly sever ALL ties with Black Lives Matter. And get rid of any blooming idiot who can’t see that BLM is evil.

*Have new leaders publicly pledge that NO moneys donated to the Army will ever again be used to promote Critical Race Theory or any doctrine related to it.

It goes against a lifetime’s practice: but until those steps are taken, I’ll have to walk right past the Salvation Army kettle without putting any money into it. And no more monthly pledge, either. If they think I’m a racist, then my money’s racist, too.