Let’s Make Robots That ‘Evolve’!

[Thanks to Linda for this news tip.]

We’re so busy studying computer models and simulations that we create ourselves, these days, that it seems a lot of scientists can’t be bothered to study nature anymore. By “nature” I mean “reality,” as God created it.

Science wallahs in Amsterdam are excitedly working to create robots that can “meet,” then “mate” (if they’re compatible), then “reproduce,” and hopefully “evolve” into new kinds of robots ( https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2016/06/02/robot-baby-project-mimics-sexual-reproduction-let-robots-evolve/ ). Doubtless these are very clever individuals.

But the thing is, from beginning to end, it’s all simulation. Not real. Although I can’t help but relish the irony of a bunch of smart people who vehemently reject the whole notion of Intelligent Design, by God, pursuing what can only be called their own vision of Intelligent Design. They are not clever enough to see a contradiction here.

If they can make some simulation of “evolution” work under carefully controlled conditions–conditions designed and controlled by themselves–are they going to tell us, “See? See! This is what has happened all throughout earth history, only with nobody–nobody, mind you!–designing and controlling it! Only random chance!” Is that really what they’re going to tell us?

Yeah. Probably.