‘Be Thou My Vision’

This is one of my favorite hymns. It’s also one of the oldest hymns we have, dating back to the 700s. An Irish hymn, Be Thou My Vision, sung by the Lebanon County Youth Chorus, with background sets by God the Father.

‘Be Thou My Vision’ (Audrey Assad)

This Irish hymn is one of the oldest hymns in anybody’s hymnal; it was old when King Alfred burned the cakes. But today it’s more popular than it ever was–Be Thou My Vision, sung by Audrey Assad. Background sets by God the Father.

‘The Irish Blessing’ (‘Be Thou My Vision’)

We thank our friend “Whiterabbit” for passing this on to us. The Irish Blessing is compiled by singers and musicians representing 300 churches from every county in Ireland. The ancient Irish hymn, Be Thou My Vision, first appeared in the 8th century and is still very much loved today.

‘Joshua & Jeremy: ‘Be Thou My Vision’

This is Joshua and Jeremy’s Mother’s Day present to their mother: the ancient hymn, Be Thou My Vision, still much-loved today, some 1,300 years after it was first sung; and here we have it sung in Japan–a country those old Irish monks never knew existed. They world has changed an awful lot, but this hymn remains the same.

‘Be Thou My Vision’ (King’s Kaleidoscope)

When this hymn was first sung, none of the musical instruments in this video had been invented. Be Thou My Vision is an Irish hymn from the 700s, still loved around the world today. This hypermodern rendition is by King’s Kaleidoscope.

‘Be Thou My Vision’ (Fountainview Academy)

This ancient Irish hymn, thirteen hundred years old if it’s a day, is still loved worldwide. This rendition is by four kids from Fountainview Academy.

If you’re new here, and would like to have me post one of your favorite hymns–just ask.

By Request, ‘My Savior’s Love’

I couldn’t find exactly the performance of this hymn Erlene asked for, so I hope this substitution will suffice: My Savior’s Love, Celtic-style, by Maranatha Music.

Really, I can’t help it: I always surrender to beautiful pictures of God’s handiwork, it always moves me close to tears.

‘Be Thou My Vision’ (Nathan Pacheco)

I liked this rendition of the hymn so much, I played it twice–Be Thou My Vision, sung by Nathan Pacheco. When this hymn was first sung, Charlemagne was a little boy. An ancient Irish hymn, from the eighth century. Still very much loved today.

By Request, ‘Be Thou My Vision’

There have been a lot of proud and mighty enterprises that were supposed to last a thousand years, but didn’t. This ancient Irish hymn, Be Thou My Vision, has them all beat by a long shot: first sung in the 8th century, still loved today.

Requested by Joshua, sung by Maranatha, and in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

‘Be Thou My Vision’

I haven’t posted this for quite a while–one of my favorites, Be Thou My Vision. This hymn comes to us from Ireland, back in the 8th century, and has never lost its power to stir our souls and remind us that we love our God.

Sing out louder, everybody, sing it louder: the times are evil, but our God is good.