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‘Help Wanted: International Monetary Fund Honcho’ (2014)

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You’d smile, too, if you got off without jail time

Two years after this piece was posted, a French court found Christine Lagarde guilty of negligence, but didn’t bother to impose a penalty. After all, anyone could lost half a billion euros.


As president of the International Monetary Fund, as the world’s highest-profile banker, Lagarde succeeded some guy who was a sexual predator: used to chase chamber maids all around his hotel room. All Chrissie did was let a crooked business magnate walk off with half a billion euros.

Ms. Lagarde and her predecessor are living proof that global government is a very bad idea. A sinner can do damage as the mayor of a small town. As head honcho of a world bank, she can do a lot more damage. We put limitations on government because if we don’t, the government winds up killing us.

“Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils,” the Lord told Isaiah: “for wherein is he to be accounted of?” (Isaiah 2:22)

Help Wanted: International Monetary Fund Honcho

Here’s yet another example of why secular utopian schemes have never worked and never will.

It seems the head of the International Monetary Fund, the world’s most high-profile banker, is either a big fat thief or else an enabler of thieves. ( http://news.yahoo.com/imf-chief-lagarde-charged-over-corruption-case-091305188.html )

IMF chief Christine Lagarde is in hot water with the French criminal justice system. She has been accused of allowing over half a billion dollars’ worth of euros to be sucked out of public funds, by crooks, while she was finance minister. Maybe she was playing golf while they were helping themselves. Maybe she was paid to look the other way. The French appear to be taking these charges very seriously.

But don’t expect Ms. Lagarde to wind up in jail. Jail is for somebody who knocks over a gas station and gets away with $45. Members of the ruling class who steal millions of dollars, or just somehow forget to pay millions of dollars’ worth of taxes, don’t go to jail. They get promoted to higher positions in the government.

Lagarde took over the management of the IMF in 2011 after sex maniac Dominique Strauss-Kahn had to resign, having made himself a global laughing-stock. As a satyr, he rivaled Bill Clinton.

So isn’t that just too cool? Here’s the most important, influential financial institution in the world–and first it’s run by a guy who chases New York chambermaids, and then by a woman who lets half a billion bucks disappear from right under her nose and at the very least is guilty of arrant negligence, if not outright theft. If she has to resign, what’ll it be next? A Mexican drug lord? Or maybe Coach Sandusky could get a free pass out of prison to run the IMF.

Aren’t you just tickled pink that the secular humanists are in charge of everything, and have shut out Christian morality so it can never get a foot back in the door? Heck, who needs Christian morality?

We do!

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