Is There a ‘Quiet Right Counterculture’?

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Writing for the City Journal, Christopher Rufo wonders whether a “quiet right counterculture” of sane and normal people is growing up right before our eyes (

The hippies and commies who were the counterculture of the 1960s and 70s, and their offspring, are a counterculture no more: they are The Establishment. They are General Motors funding “transgender” commercials in the public elementary schools. They are Big Tech, they are censorship, they are “cancel everybody who isn’t us!”

But outside the doomed Blue cities, ordinary people are working to rebuild “families, schools, churches, neighborhoods… things that will last,” says Rufo. Homeschool families are leading the way, with more and more parents opting not to keep their kids in public schools for teachers’ union fanatics to groom and prey on.

Man, from your mouth to God’s ear!

Read the essay, it’s not long. What do you think? Has he got something there, or what?

The Federal Government’s Cult of ‘Critical Race Theory’

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Hi! Ready for some more really bad nooze that you and I can’t do flaming anything about?

“Critical Race Theory” is a fancy academic name for hating and abusing all white people. It claims that all white people are racists, that they must all be disabled and punished by the government, abused by non-whites, and furthermore… consent to it!

And according to Christopher Rufo’s six months’ worth of research into this depressing subject, federal government agencies have hired “diversity trainers” to teach this schiff to all employees of the federal bureaucracy. They force white employees to attend “re-education” classes, confess to imaginary thought crimes, etc., etc. This is done throughout the vast wasteland of the federal bureaucracy–a nuclear weapons lab, the Treasury Dept., the FBI: everywhere you look, you’ll find this. At this point I am moved to ask, “Is there anything we aren’t doing to wreck our country?”

Tucker Carlson says “Political violence is the greatest threat we face. It could literally destroy the country.” He’s right about that, and Christopher Rufo is right about where the violence comes from. It’s brewed up in our universities and seeps from there into the government. Heck, they start in kindergarten! And it has been “weaponized against the American people.”

Rufo urges President Trump to issue an executive order, now, forbidding the teaching of Critical Race Theory throughout government agencies.

If it’s not already too late…